February 2022
A Note from our Executive Director

Dear friend,

My computer doesn’t support a zoom background, but I love seeing what others have as their backgrounds. At a meeting last week, I was moved by the background of Ana Maya, our FRC Program Manager. Her background had the words: Equity, Inclusion, Belonging.Those words have stayed with me – especially the word BELONGING.

That word captures the essence of what we do and why we are successful. Because our children feel that our programs are a place where they belong, they can feel safe to use their voices, to share their fears, to celebrate their successes. We strive for a community where families feel a sense of belonging, where their needs are met and their voices heard.
Belonging goes beyond equity and beyond inclusion. Belonging says you have a home here.
That’s the feeling we create at IVYP.

Lori Goodman
Executive Director

IVYP is changing its name!
Update on our progress:
  • We sent out a survey via our newsletter asking for three words that come to mind when thinking of IVYP.
  • We convened a steering committee to lead our name change process.
  • The steering committee learned about different types of naming conventions and determined that we are looking for a suggestive or fanciful name – not a name that will describe our services.
Save the Date for LEAP 2022
Join us on May 12th, 2022 for IVYP's annual LEAP Awards Ceremony! Isla Vista Youth Projects (IVYP) is honoring two leaders in our community who LEAP: California Senator Monique Limón and Ken Saxon.
This signature virtual event will be held:
May 12th, 2022
4:00pm - 5:00pm
This event is FREE
Registration information available soon

Staff Spotlight - Rachel Mattovich

"I love that my day to day looks different depending on the projects I am currently working on. I also love that I get to know and work with so many teams and individuals inside and out of IVYP. "

Harvest of the Month

Each month we share a healthy, easy and affordable recipe to try that highlights ingredients you can get at our food distribution and free farm stand. This month we are highlighting leeks! Leeks belong to the same family as onion and garlic and are just as delicious and good for you. Leeks are low in calories but high in nutrients and antioxidants. We love this recipe because it highlights two wonderful winter vegetables and is something the whole family will enjoy.
Read the full recipe here
Get Involved with IVYP
IVYP needs your support as we work hard to support our community in the wake of COVID-19. We’ve stepped up and we need your help to continue. Please consider a donation to IVYP’s COVID-19 Response Fund to help us continue to provide the caring, proactive and flexible support our community needs. 
Be a diaper champion by sponsoring the cost of diapers for local families. Diapers are one of the most consistent requests from our families at our FRC. Disposable diapers can cost as much as $100 per month per baby so every contribution makes a big difference.
Did you know that many of our most vulnerable students don’t have a dedicated place at home to do their school work? IVYP will purchase and distribute folding desks to any GUSD student who has a need through our new Study Table Fund. To support this effort click here to donate.
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