Housing Discrimination
Having a roof over our heads is one of the most basic and universal needs. Yet, in the United States, access to safe and affordable housing has a complicated history tied to race and privilege that is still affecting minority communities today.

Home ownership plays a key role in housing security and generational wealth. In 2022, 75% of white households owned their homes, compared to 45% of Black households and 48% Hispanic households. Historical policies– such as redlining – have kept households of color from securing home ownership. Racist housing covenants like this one found in the Edgemoor neighborhood of Bellingham explicitly forbade anyone of non-white descent from living there altogether. While the Fair Housing Act of 1968 made it illegal to discriminate based on race, racial inequalities in housing persist to this day.

Securing safe and stable housing can still be difficult for many. Historical barriers combined with low wages, high food prices, and other costs of living, all add to the challenges of finding an affordable place to rent or buy for folks already experiencing discrimination.
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  • This article from the University of Houston discusses racial and ethnic disparities in lending industry advertising.

  • This piece from NPR includes maps, photos and data illuminating the effects of housing discrimination on health and life expectancy. 
  • This video explains what redlining is and how it has impacted communities of color. (5:38 mins)

  • This video from 2 years ago shows how one family’s housing appraisal was affected by racial bias. (4:18 mins or 12:22 mins for the whole news item)

  • This episode of NPR’s CODE SW!TCH, “Housing Segregation in Everything,” does a fantastic job of illustrating how housing segregation and redlining impacts education, health outcomes, wealth, and interactions with the justice system. (6:37 mins)
  • This episode of NPR’s CODE SW!TCH entitled “Location! Location! Location!” discusses how housing discrimination impacts generational wealth. (36 mins)
  • The graphic above can be found here on page 7 of the linked document.