June 14, 2019
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CCEJ 31st Annual Gene Lentzner Human Relations Awards Nominations Due July 1st
Do you know an individual who should be recognized for their contributions in the areas of social justice and human relations?

Nominees should have a track record of:
  • Promoting respect and justice among all people regardless of differences in race, religion, ethnicity, ability, sexual orientation, nationality/migration status, gender or gender identity;
  • Showing commitment to social justice and human relations by way of service (if through their work, then above and beyond their paid scope of work);
  • Fostering inter-group and/or inter-faith cooperation;
  • Serving Long Beach or the greater Southern California region.

To nominate someone, complete the online form here .
Transgender Health
In response to a proposed new Health and Human Services rule change the Transgender Law Center and the National Center for Transgender Equality have created a platform to submit public comment on this proposed rule.

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Here’s How Long Beach Is Working to Ensure Every Resident Is Counted in the 2020 Census
Long Beach boasts a  diverse population  — more than 47 percent of residents speak a non-English language and about 13 percent are not citizens — and city leaders want to take steps to ensure every resident is counted in 2020. 

Bridging: Towards A Society Built on Belonging - Animated Video + Curriculum
Bridging calls on us to reject a politics of 'us vs. them' and instead move towards a future where there is a new 'us'."

Gun Violence Against Sexual and Gender Minorities in the U.S.
In April 2019, Williams Institute released this review of existing studies that found gun violence is a significant concern for the LGBT population, but there are many unanswered or unexplored questions.

Milwaukee County executive signs resolution declaring racism a public health crisis
Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele signed a resolution in May declaring racism a public health crisis, saying this was "about action." 

"Everybody has been reading and hearing about the same set of statistics in Milwaukee for decades," he said. "We lead in an unfortunate way the racial disparities in employment, in education, incarceration, income and even things like ... access to capital."

Immigrant Justice is Racial Justice
Immigration has become an increasingly divisive issue in the United States.  Discrimination against immigrants often lines up with racial discrimination, and immigrants of color face the harshest enforcement policies and deportation and detention practices. How can we start to talk about this issue in our communities?

Check out this guide from Everyday Democracy 
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