Equivio is pleased to announce that Equivio Zoom v4.0 and Zoom Tab in Relativity v3.0 are now available. This is the first major product release since Microsoft has acquired Equivio.


The new version of Zoom, Equivio's e-discovery platform for predictive coding and analytics, represents a major upgrade of the GUI infrastructure to deliver a more responsive, enhanced experience for Zoom users. In addition, Zoom v4 includes a rich set of new features that address specific requests and feedback that we've received from our customer base.


With the release of version 4, Zoom simplifies the user experience and enhances productivity: 

  • HTML5: Zoom was converted from Silverlight to HTML5, resulting in significant acceleration of GUI response times.
  • Simplified review: Zoom flags the files that need to be reviewed in the review system, based on the review policy. Reviewers can then hone in on the flagged documents, skipping the rest.
  • Score the rest: This feature enables training of Relevance by importing document tags from a third-party review system. Let's say you've reviewed 20,000 documents from a collection of one million. Once the review tags are imported to Zoom, the system is "trained" and can automatically calculate relevance scores for the remaining documents in the collection. 
  • Estimating Relevance training completion: Relevance now calculates the estimated number of training samples still needed to reach stability, allowing for better planning of the review process.
  • Relevance tag page: The user experience in Relevance has been enhanced with the addition of "tag as previous", "auto tag" (tags all other issues as Not Relevant after one issue is tagged as Relevant), print file and "find-in-file" capabilities. 

The release includes several other new improvements, such as multiple-word themes, Relevance-enhanced pivot bar values and a re-engineered wizard format for the Analyze module.


All of the above features and enhancements are also available in Zoom Tab in Relativity v3.0, a product which allows users to launch and manage Zoom from a tab within the standard Relativity GUI.


Zoom combines Equivio's best-of-breed Relevance application for predictive coding, with advanced analytics including thematic analysis, near-duping, email threading, batching and language detection. Zoom can be used for early data assessment to determine case strategy, culling to reduce review set volumes, and data organization to increase review efficiency.


For additional information, please contact Equivio Support.


As always, please feel free to email us if you have any questions or comments.


Best regards,

The Equivio Team