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As companies around the world turn their attention to advanced threats endangering their most sensitive data, one category is commanding much-deserved attention: insider threats. With 44.5 percent of attacks perpetrated by malicious insiders, guarding against these incidents is becoming a pressing concern.

An effective way to tackle insider threats is with an integrated approach that accomplishes two related goals. First, organizations need to reduce their exposure to insider threats by securing their critical data and governing their identities. Second, they need to monitor the actions of their authorized users to detect any anomalous behavior using security intelligence. In this post, we will focus on the first piece of that integrated approach: securing sensitive data.

These days, Trojans, phishing attacks and Internet fraud are all part of the digital workday.
Technology users are essentially in a state of near-constant attack. Employees need to maintain a high level of awareness and diligence to protect themselves and their organizations.
Please join us for this valuable webinar, we'll review best practices to protect yourself.

  • Phishing attacks
  • Password policies
  • System updates
  • Antitvirus software
  • Secure Websites
Wednesday, January 23rd
10am CST - 10:45am CST


ScreenBeam provides classroom agility to
engage students in meaningful discussions
based on their personal work. 

Instructors are untethered from the classroom display or projector to easily move among and interact with their students during lessons. ScreenBeam wireless display provides the freedom and flexibility to create a fluid, directed and interactive learning environment. The result is student and teachers become collaborators and students become more engaged in the learning process.

According to InfoTrends, more than 1.2 trillion digital photos  were snapped worldwide last year. Yet of all those special moments captured on smartphones, only around 38 billion - or roughly 3 percent - were ever printed. The rest? Well, you may scroll through them on Facebook or Instagram, but many of those moments are lost in a digital black hole, never to be seen or shared again. 
We owe our ever-growing collections to the ever-improving, high-quality smartphone cameras that we carry everywhere. "Back when we all used film cameras, to see those pictures, you had to get them developed," points out Cathi Nelson, CEO and founder of the Association of Personal Photo Organizers.


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