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As we continue to embark through the Information Age, it's crucial for educators to implement new strategies that will meet the needs of both students and industries.

Thanks to recent technology and innovative solutions, students are gaining more and more access to education outside the classroom, thereby expanding their learning and career opportunities in a variety of ways.

Ever thought about how much waste is produced from careless printing in your office? For most offices, it's HALF - half of EVERYTHING.
That's right, half of all the printed documents employees churn out are thrown away without ever being used. Next to your payroll and office rent, print is the third biggest operating expense in a company. 
While that recycling bin next to your printer might make you feel better about your waste, those pages add up to significant opportunities to save money.
It's easier than you think for companies and business leaders to overlook cyber security.
Unfortunately, the nature of the threat means some of the biggest worries for your organization might actually be out in plain sight. 
Here are six kinds of cyber security risks that are regularly overlooked.

With back-to-school shopping out of the way, stores and customers can both turn their attention (and wallets) toward the next annual retail highlight: the holiday shopping season. 
But as with many things in our lives, the internet has fundamentally changed what was once a singular focus -- the specific date of Black Friday -- into a continuum of deals that starts ever closer to the beginning of November and runs straight through until the last couple of days before Christmas.

AEAPurchasing awarded the Dell laptop contract for 2018 and 2019 to Erb's Technology Solutions (ETS) in April. The contract is for Dell's entire laptop lineup including the Dell Latitude 3000 series, 5000 series and 7000 series.
In addition to these laptops, Erb's was also awarded the entire Dell Chromebook lineup last fall. 

For more information on the different configurations of Dell units under contract, please contact:

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