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Nearly $4 billion of E-Rate funding is available for funding year 2019. Are you ready? Erb's is your local E-Rate specialist. We've completed countless successful E-Rate projects over the years and pride ourselves on delivering quality, affordable solutions for the Education field. In 2018 we completed $1 Million of E-Rate business. 

We're good at what we do and we'd love to add your technology project to our 219 schedule. Reach out to us for help or to answer any of your E-Rate questions.

You know the saying: "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong." This common phrase, also known as Murphy's Law, is especially true of computers and technology in general.
Over the years, IT professionals - the hardworking individuals who deploy, manage, and maintain computer networks and infrastructure in workplaces around the world - have seen it all. After all, one of the IT department's major responsibilities is helping troubleshoot computer problems around the office.
Thankfully, many tech issues can be avoided if users understand computer fundamentals and a few tricks of the trade. The following 29 computer tips from IT professionals can help users avoid computer calamities in the workplace. 
It might store as little as 256 MB or as much as 256 GB, but as useful as your USB stick is, it can prove to be a major security risk.
Major security incidents, viruses, and USB-specific malware are among the risks you face. While these can be mitigated by adopting good practices, it's important to appreciate just what is at stake if you don't take steps to secure your USB flash drive.

We're featuring one of our newest customers, Junior Achievement of Eastern Iowa. Welcome aboard!
Junior Achievement of Eastern Iowa came to us with a specific need, to manage their Information Technology. 
We were up for the challenge and upgraded their systems and provided them with consistent, timely and state of the art technology and service.

Whenever there's a data breach, it's easy to get caught up in the root cause analysis - a misconfigured device, an unpatched application, an employee falling for a phishing attack, you name it. 
But really, the root causes of most breaches and IT Security issues are not these moment-in-time errors. Instead, they are almost always shortsighted decisions made well before the breach ever occurs. 


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