March 2021
This month, we were able to update our website to include an "Ergon Intro" video. This video was created for one of our events at the New York Encounter, and demonstrates what Ergon is about. Visit or our YouTube channel to check it out!

Check out our upcoming events below, including a speed networking event taking place this evening.
Upcoming Events
Speed Networking Event

We have another speed networking event this evening. This is a great opportunity to connect with and learn from others - join us! Click here to register.
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Ergon Online

  • LinkedIn: Our LinkedIn Group is one of the most effective networking tools for our members and volunteers/mentors. If you haven’t already joined the group, please join here.

  • YouTube: all of our previous skill development webinars can be found on our YouTube channel

  • Website: click below to access our website!
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  • Get help: If you are looking for work or a career change, please contact to request to be matched with an Ergon mentor.

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Ergon's Mission and Vision
Mission: Ergon helps individuals with every aspect of their career. Whether they are entering the workplace, breaking into a new industry, or finding a new job, members of Ergon share resources to empower others to evolve, learn, and grow together professionally. Our mission is to provide a community where professionals gather to unlock the potential of their careers. Our group is open to anyone.

Vision: Ergon envisions a professional community that helps each other advance careers, develop skills, and achieve professional goals.
Thank you,
The Ergon Professional Hub Communications Team