Ergonomic tips to prevent aches
while working remotely
CHALLENGE: “Bad chair” – compromised work seating

  • Optimize support on back and thighs.

  • Use pillows to raise seat to desk height.

  • Place a rolled towel at your low back for support and better posture.

  • Follow the computer workstation set up guide here.
CHALLENGE: Sore, tired hands from keyboard, phone, or tablet use

  • Perform hand exercises and stretches.

  • Take hand micro-breaks every 20 to 30 minutes.

  • Release the mouse often and wiggle your fingers.

  • Access more exercises here.
CHALLENGE: Tight shoulders and neck

  • Use a palm support while keyboarding, one with a smooth, firm surface.

  • Match forearm height to key height (not work surface).

  • Use chair without armrests.

  • Frequently drop arms to side and take deep breaths.
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