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August 2021

August Newsletter
Dear EricsHouse Community,

Welcome to August 2021! Summer is coming to an end and Fall is approaching. EricsHouse is immensely honored to walk alongside you throughout the year. As we take a look back on the first 7 months of 2021 we are proud to see all of the events and help from the community that allow us to keep supporting our mission. With that being said, we are approaching some exciting and healing opportunities to commemorate your loved ones. Stay tuned for more details! Thank you for helping us inspire hope, healing and new beginnings.

Eric and Joey are pictured above. They loved to be silly and bond as brothers.
We are honoring Eric in his birth month! He is missed very much. While Eric is no longer here physically his caring spirit transcends boundaries and touches lives everyday. His belly laugh was contagious. EricsHouse is inspired everyday to carry on Eric's legacy and break the stigma.

"Your body is away from me but there is a window open from my heart to yours." -Rumi
Letter From Member Services-
Jamie Lee Silver
What’s Up at EricsHouse? 

Thanks to our technological genius staff Madison Shirley and Kathryn Shamrock and the excellent work of our support group leaders. EricsHouse launched three online support groups in early August, with our Father’s Support Group beginning on August 17th (see below).

If you are interested in joining a support group we will have more beginning in the new year which are open to anyone, anywhere via the magic of Zoom.  

Please refer your friends and family outside of Arizona to EricsHouse for groups or to work with our professionals individually. EricsHouse will always be affordable and we don’t turn anyone away due to cost. 

Here are the groups that just began: 

Understanding Your Grief: Support Group for Women Bereaved by Suicide or Substance Loss, Facilitated by April Boyden and Kim Hamilton. 

Understanding Your Grief: Suicide Loss Support Group for Mothers, Facilitated by Patricia Graham and Jamie Silver

Understanding your Grief, Substance Loss Support Group. Facilitated by Charlotte Schwarz and Diane VanMaanen

And, now open for enrollment: 
Understanding your Grief, Support Group for Fathers will begin on August 17th, Facilitated by Greg Eckerman and Ken Slesarik. Please contact Greg@ericshouse.org for prescreening.

In August and September EricsHouse welcomes Melinda Vail returning with her insightful mediumship gifts. You can sign up for her well-attended events on EricsHouse.org.  

Our newest modality, EFT Tapping is seamlessly integrating into our offerings at EricsHouse. As the EricsHouse Certified EFT Practitioner, I teach our members to communicate with their nervous systems by self-tapping on their accupoints to experience calm and think more clearly. We have seen some real miracles happening through Tapping here. All EricsHouse members can make appointments for Tapping at EricsHouse.org

To become an EricsHouse member please go to EricsHouse.org and book an Initial Consultation. That gets the ball rolling with our entire menu of resources. You can look through all our offerings on the web. At EricsHouse we will hold your hand until you are ready to let go. It is our honor to join you on your journey.  
Join evidential Medium Melinda Vail at EricsHouse for a fun, enlightening, entertaining evening as she provides insights to you from your loved ones! This event is heart-warming and will amaze it’s participants as Melinda shares messages from the other side. Melinda’s mission is to use her gifts as a medium to bring families together on both sides of the veil. With the passing of a loved one, whether through tragedy or the normal course of existence, a special healing takes place for the living when they have evidential knowledge that they have communicated with a deceased loved one. 

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EricsHouse to
EricsHouse is adding Grief Companions!

Are you interested in learning more about Grief Companions at EricsHouse?

The companioning model of grief was developed by Dr. Alan Wolfelt. Grief companions provide one-on-one support to help people navigate through their grief journey.

For more information on how to join our wonderful team please email
jamie@ericshouse.org or greg@ericshouse.org.