Erin Davis & Molly try Daily Dish stews
Are you familiar with Erin Davis? Chances are if you are from Southern Ontario, then, you are. Erin was a fixture on the CHFI radio morning show in Toronto for almost 28 years. Erin is much loved by all who listened to her and laughed along with her and her co-hosts on their morning commute to work. Erin retired from radio in Toronto about one year ago and she now lives on Vancouver Island with Rob, her husband of 29 years. She is currently filling in hosting middays on CHFI's sister station in Victoria, Ocean 98.5.

Over time, the CARU family were fortunate enough to be able to get to know Erin, Rob and their pups Molly and Pepper (who passed away a couple of years ago). As a family, we have come to value both Rob & Erin's integrity and also their love of their dogs Molly and Pepper. And CARU has been honoured to be able to feed both Molly and (formerly) Pepper. Recently, we sent Rob & Erin some of our new Daily Dish stews for Molly to try. Molly had been eating CARU's Classic stews for dogs for about two to three years so we were anxious to find out if she liked our new Daily Dish stews too. And guess what, she does. Yahoo!!

Rob & Erin did this wonderful video below of Molly trying Daily Dish. We are thrilled that she loves it as much as our Karu does!
If you haven't seen Erin eating CARU's 100% human grade stews for yourself, then, watch this video and enjoy!  

Finally, if you ever questioned how to open one of our stew or bone broth cartons, Erin shows you how to do it, in this great video.  
Thanks Erin, Rob & Molly for all your support and honest feedback over the years.
Click here to learn more about Erin Davis, or to read her journals or listen to her audio journals. 
Click here to learn more about Caru Pet Food and all of our products, including our new Daily Dish stews, Classic Stews, Bone Broths and Soft 'n Tasty Treats for Cats and Dogs.  
Rubber Ducky your the one!
H ello, my name is Karu and I am the inspiration behind CARU Pet Food. I'm also our
Chief Taste Testing Officer (CTTO).

Whether you are in snow country or the sunny south, if you're like me, then, a New Year means playing in the snow or sand as my Mummas would say and as you can see from the pictures a New Year also means 'Bath time for Bubbas'. Lucky for me, I've got my Rubber Ducky to keep me company. I've also got my shower cap on to protect my well coiffed hair.

Normally, I don't take baths, I'm actually more of a shower guy.      I walk right into the shower for Daddas and he showers me down with my special gentle shampoo and then Mummas towels me dry with like 50 towels. It's so much fun, I roll on the bathroom floor on all the towels, it's just great.

So stay strong my fellow fur people, enjoy the snow or sand and also your bubble baths; hopefully, you'll get a play with a rubber ducky too!

Until next time, W oofs & Tail Wags from Karu. 
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