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Happy almost St. Patrick's Day! Welcome to this month's The Eleven - my chance to catch you up with some of my thinking and then some! 

First, some great news! My good friend, Marcia Wiley, has just had a great slew of news which she outlines in her Wileyware newsletter . (in there are details about her seconds sale this weekend in Seattle). One of my favorite parts is this amazing 1-minute & 40 second video that brings home the message she's been trying to get out and may give you a better understanding of why I haven't been able to shut up about Wileyware since I held my first glass :) If you own a glass, you understand. And, if not, here's the video!  

Marcia Wiley & Wileyware
Marcia Wiley & Wileyware, Enjoy
I've been rooting for Marcia for years and her recent TV debut and this video and a new website and - wow! 

Bernie Sanders went and won the democratic primary in Michigan!  This short video by Robert Reich puts our choice in perspective - if we want real change, Bernie Sanders is that change. I'll happily vote for Hillary if she wins, and... I'm donating, I'm posting on social media and I share with you that I am truly excited about what Bernie Sanders has to offer. For many of the past months I've simply been content to know that he's bringing forth great ideas for a 9 months and maybe that would make a difference. Now, I'm starting to believe that he may win the Democratic nomination and eventually become our next President.  Take a moment to make a financial contribution and join me in making history. 

Massaging Rich Kaufman
A little massage

My Dad, Richard Kaufman, turns 80 on March 14th. Can you believe it?  I can't. It feels like only yesterday we were driving down Delaware Ave. in Philadelphia to go to a 76ers game; sitting on the porch at the cabin in Sumneytown; visiting together in various places I've moved to over the years. Swapping songs around the dining room table after every Thanksgiving/Passover Seder/you name it meal. I'm going to head to Philadelphia to hang out with my Dad and family in April - I'm so lucky he's been with me all these years. 

I hope your life is going great. I've been enjoying the Spring - working hard (I just got master certified in Constant Contact, btw!); getting back into ecstatic dance; playing music with neighbors; throwing fun shabbat gatherings and replanting houseplants. I'll leave you with this lovely tune. Have a great Spring and enjoy the buds and blooms and get your hands in the dirt!
Good Luck, Good Health and Happiness, 

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