2018 Kicks Off with Doubling
of Daily Trade Count
Recent additions of new market makers and end users, on the heels of new FCMs and functionality has made Eris accessible to a wider user base, and is leading to a great start to the year. 
An important data point to all markets is daily trade count, and over the course of 2017, we witnessed a doubling of this measure. This trend continues through the start of 2018. Over the past 2 months, we have observed 200-300 trade count days, well above the highs of 2016 & 2017.
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Eris Now on Bloomberg ALLQ
The Bloomberg service is unquestionably one of the most important data and analytic services in the fixed income market. Participants rely on their terminal and market data to monitor markets, to identify, analyze and price trade ideas, and to mark their books to market. Accordingly, we continue to work with Bloomberg on enhancements to terminal support for Eris Swap Futures. In 2017 we released the Live Eris Swap Curve, and through mutual effort, this data set is now available alongside Bloomberg’s swap pricing data, making the Live Eris Swap Curve a source swap curve for pricing any instrument.
This new functionality makes the Live Eris Swap Curve available for Bloomberg analytics, including the following:

  • View streaming Live Eris Swap Rates alongside swaps
  • Plot intraday and historical closing Eris swap rates
  • Price swaps, bonds, mortgages, and other instruments against the Live Eris Swap Curve

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Eris Trade Ideas and Tools
Curve Trading with Eris
Eris Swap Futures can be used for expressing curve trades such as steepeners, flatteners, and butterflies. Eris curve trades are easy to model and execute.

They also benefit from anonymous trading, margin offsets, lower clearing costs, and operational efficiencies of listed futures.

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The Eris Daily Market Monitor
Stay informed of daily rates, curve and spread relationships.

Subscribe to the Eris Daily Market Monitor, a summary of the previous day's closes and relationships to US Treasuries and mortgages.

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Eris Shout-Outs
Risk.net Compliments Eris in Recent Article
Read Risk.net's recent article about the award winning Live Eris Swap Curve , the 2018 recipient of Risks.net's Exchange Innovation of the Year. 

“Eris has essentially taken the order book prices of the front contracts of all its central limit order books and fitted the curve. In doing so, we create discount factors all the way out to 50 years to be able to price the swap curve."

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The Power of Execution
"Eris Exchange is a US-based futures exchange group that offers swap futures as the leading alternative to traditional over-the-counter (OTC) swaps. Interactive Brokers now offers Eris Swap Futures, meaning users are now able to gain access to interest rate swap risk; a market previously beyond their reach."

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IR Swaps for the Masses - Eris Swap Futures
"Interactive Brokers (IB) is now offering Eris Swap Futures access to their 400k+ account base. This is an exciting development as margin requirements are modest and there is no better way to replicate over the counter (OTC) swaps available in the market..."

Look Out for Eris at Upcoming Conferences:
Eris will be participants at conferences and attending several events over the next couple of months. We hope to see you there.

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