Eris Sets Five New Open Interest
Records as Trading Diversifies
The Eris Swap Futures market continues to grow, registering a series of new open interest records during June and July. This uptick in momentum comes on the heels of new functionality, and a broadening network of service providers, which has expanded the Eris user base. A further impact has been the diversification of activity across the curve from previous concentration in the 5Y contract.
  • Eris Standards open interest hit new all-time highs on July 13th (154,163 contracts)
  • Trading activity is diversifying across the Eris curve:
    • 7Y-30Y trade count, as a percentage of total, increased more than 60% from 2016
    • 3Y & 4Y tenors, introduced in 2016, now account for 10% of volume

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Eris Adds New Functionality
in Response to User Feedback
We are constantly discussing functional requirements with our users and responding with platform enhancements to meet these needs. The following summarize a few notable developments over the past two months.
Eris Now Publishing Early Settlements
  • In order to provide users with the ability to mark overall trading books earlier in the day, Eris now provides automated delivery of preliminary settlement data at 3:30 p.m. EST
  • Final daily settlement prices will continue to be published at 4:45 p.m. EST, but the preliminary settlement data has had a positive impact on the end-of-day processes of Eris users

Prelim Settlement Prices: Webpage, ftp, .csv
Eris Releases New Futures Price Calculator
  • Eris Swap Futures are traded on a swap NPV basis, while P&L is driven by the Eris Futures Price, inclusive of historical cash flows and Price Alignment Interest 
  • The Eris Futures Price Calculator allows end users to easily convert the NPV of an Eris contract into futures price format 

Futures Price Calculator >> Access Webpage
New Enhancements to Block Trading Process
  • Recent enhancements have streamlined the block trading process of Eris Swap Futures making it easier, requiring minimal documentation
  • Trades of Eris Swap Futures with a combined notional of $10mm (100 contracts) or more are eligible for block trading
  • Click the hyperlink below to view the block trading user guide, which includes market maker contact details, reporting requirements, and other useful information

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Sign Up for the Eris Daily Market Monitor Report
  • The Eris Market Monitor Report helps users stay informed of daily movement in Eris prices
  • The report includes commonly traded relationships such as curve spreads, butterflies, and yield spreads to Eurodollar and US Treasury Futures

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Two  New Providers Join
the  Eris Ecosystem
Similar to other electronic markets, Eris relies on established third party service providers to make our markets accessible to more users. Over the past year, Eris has registered many milestones and we are pleased to highlight recent additions to the ecosystem. 
Thomson Reuters, a global provider of financial market data, has released unique identifiers (RICs) for all Eris Standard Swap Futures contracts, enabling seamless integration of Eris into analytics and workflow of more market participants.

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Calypso, a leading provider of enterprise risk management and analytics software systems, now supports Eris Swap Futures contracts.

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