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The Erlanger-Elsmere Board of Education meets the second Thursday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at the Central Office, 500 Graves Avenue, Erlanger. The public is welcome.    

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Our engage e-newsletter shines a spotlight on the latest educational news and feature stories pertaining to our schools, students, teachers, and administrators. We hope you enjoy!
Lloyd students experience arts and sciences

A group of freshmen and sophomores from Lloyd High School traveled to Playhouse in the Park to see August Wilson's  Two Trains Running. The play is part of Wilson's Century Series, in which each play portrays African Americans during a different decade of the 20th century.  

A group of students from Lloyd's Gifted & Talented program traveled to the Cleveland Museum of Natural History to see Lucy, the first bipedal hominid, and study human origin as it relates to evolution. The students also toured the museum and zoo-like animal exhibits outside. While in the area, students had the opportunity to tour the campus of Case Western Reserve University which is located very near the museum. 

Pictured in front of frozen Lake Erie are Kayleigh Weber, Addison Musk, Joe Cooley, Bailey Key, Dean Jackson, and Keegyn Fields. 

The Lloyd Concert Band, led by Mr. Jason Stolz recently participated in the Kentucky Music Educator's Association Concert Band Assessment event at Northern Kentucky University. This is a state-sponsored assessment at which each group performs prepared pieces for a panel of judges and then performs a sight-reading assessment on a piece they are given for the first time that day and has just five minutes to review and discuss before playing for a rating. 

The Lloyd concert Band received a proficient rating overall and a distinguished rating in sight-reading. The sight-reading judge, Mr. Brian Brown, complimented the ensemble and stated,  "their performance was the best sight-reading I have heard the entire event." 

Congratulations Lloyd Band!

Pictured above is the entire concert band (left) and members Eimy Aguilar and Ashley Howard (right) before their performance.

Reading Our Own Books
Grant program provides books for district students
Throughout the Erlanger-Elsmere School District, students have received free books thanks to the Innovative Approaches to Literacy grant. Every school's library has recently hosted a book fair during which each student got to select a book to keep at no cost to them.

The goal is to get books of a student's choosing in their hands and homes. The purchase of the books was funded by the U.S. Department of Education's Innovative approaches to Literacy grant, which promotes literacy activities and book distribution for children and students from birth through 12th grade in low-income communities. In addition to the books, schools have ordered technology such as ChromeBooks and carts, robots, and other items, including materials and equipment for visually impaired students. And, students will have the chance to choose another book to keep in April.
A letter from Ms. Holleman's kindergarten class at Howell Elementary showcases how excited the children are about receiving books...

Student Council collects books for elementary students
Lloyd High School's Student Council recently hosted a "Love to Read" book drive to collect books for students at each of the district's elementary schools. The drive amassed 418 books, which were split evenly among Arnett, Howell, Lindeman and Miles elementary schools. Two hundred of these books were donated by a single Lloyd student - Noah Tanner.

Student Council representatives Shauna Kitts and Miranda Massmann delivered the books to Lindeman and Arnett.

"We were so excited to receive these books," said Mrs. Amanda New, Arnett's principal. "Thank you, Student Council!"

Career expo inspires Lloyd freshmen
Lloyd's freshmen recently had the opportunity to imagine career possibilities at Inspire, a Junior Achievement program designed to get high school students excited about their futures by exploring career options in high-growth industries.

An interactive career expo, Inspire allowed students the chance to visit with more than 40 area employers and to try their hands at some of the region's most in-demand jobs. They also met professionals and skilled tradesmen and women who were able to explain what's great about their careers and what it takes to become qualified.

While Lloyd's counselors take students to various college and career fairs, this one was especially beneficial due to the hands-on nature and accompanying lessons.

At the event, the construction section included backhoes, bulldozers, lifts, and more. The healthcare area had representatives from most of the Tri-State's major hospitals and students were able to practice on a dummy using stethoscopes and other medical equipment. Cincinnati State had a demonstration highlighting the kind of work available to students who complete the college's environmental engineering certification.

Plus, Inspire includes a curriculum for the classroom that provides a fun and dynamic introduction to career exploration. Before they attended, students learned about career paths and received lessons in the "soft skills" that are so important to landing a job. When students returned to school, they created career roadmaps, identifying the high school classes and post-graduation plans needed to reach their goals.

"We are definitely preparing students for college and career, but we're not by any means pushing a four-year college," said Mrs. Jennifer Glass, counselor at Lloyd. "While I think it's fair to say that everyone probably needs some education beyond high school, that can look different for everyone."

The Inspire experience dovetails Kentucky's plan to develop student interest in specific job sectors with high need, including: healthcare, advanced manufacturing, construction, supply chain demand, and IT. While healthcare is typically an easier sell because students know what those jobs entail, other paths - like advanced manufacturing or supply chain/logistics - are more difficult to promote because students don't know what they are.

What's more, these career areas are eligible for the Work Ready Kentucky Scholarship Program, which helps Kentuckians who have not yet earned an associate's degree afford an industry-recognized certificate or diploma. The WRKS program offers college students and certain high school students who are enrolled in college coursework the opportunity to get their training free of charge.

"If a student decides to pursue, say, advanced manufacturing, and go to community college they never pay a single penny for any classes up to an associate's degree," Mrs. Glass said.

Most importantly, Lloyd students are gaining exposure to career opportunities and beginning to think about their futures earlier in their high school career. Research shows students who feel connected to career goals are more likely to be motivated in the classroom and graduate. Ninth graders can use their Inspire experience to choose relevant electives and hone the academic skills critical for success in their chosen field. Students will also have the information they need to begin planning with their families for the specific post-high school education and work experience employers will require. 

"We're very passionate about things like this," Mrs. Glass added. "It's life changing for so many of our students. I love that we're introducing opportunities freshman year to give students a chance to learn about what's out there."

Celebrating Lindeman's school counselor
Lindeman recently celebrated School Counselor Week, showing appreciation for Mrs. Kathy Koerner, the school's counselor. Students and staff showed their appreciation with all of Mrs. Koerner's favorite things... cards, posters, flowers, gift baskets, snacks, poems, gift cards, coffee, and more!

Mrs. Koerner's role at Lindeman is to support students by teaching them how to listen, how to ask questions, and how to learn. She also helps them improve social interactions, understand how to identify feelings, and manage emotions. A big part of her job is helping prepare students for life after graduation by exposing them to career opportunities and real-life scenarios.

"There are numerous strategies and skillsets I teach students so they can be successful at school, home, and in the community - now and in the future," Mrs. Koerner said. "I want students to have the skills, optimism, and confidence to be problem solvers, to understand empathy and compassion, and to improve their self-control of their voice, body, and behavior. I empower students to set goals and persevere to achieve them little by little, bit by bit."

Through teaching weekly classroom lessons in each classroom, conducting various small groups, and working with students individually, the majority of Mrs. Koerner's time is spent directly with students.

"I love being a school counselor because it's an important job that I feel is crucial to whole child development," she said. "I enjoy interacting with students, learning about them, and watching them grow. Nothing is better than the moment a child realizes their full potential by being proud of themselves."

Tichenor hosts STEM night
Tichenor Middle School recently welcomed students and their families for STEM Family Night.

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. STEM has been getting a lot of attention lately because it is so important. In fact, these four areas touch nearly every part of our lives! Science is everywhere. Technology is constantly evolving. Engineering is part of the design of everything. Math is part of nearly every job and many life activities. By highlighting these areas and giving students the chance to explore STEM-related concepts and activities, it builds interest in and understanding of these essential areas.

At Tichenor's STEM night, the families in attendance had the opportunity to travel from room to room experiencing and participating in fun STEM activities and to explore the school's ever-growing makerspace. They also enjoyed dinner together. It was a great opportunity for everyone to learn more about STEM.

Making Arnett proud
Arnett Elementary recently held a Making Arnett Proud (MAP) celebration to honor students who grew by increasing their reading or math MAP test scores. Those students earned a cool bracelet with the inscription "I AM MAKING ARNETT PROUD" and were able to choose from a variety of fun and exciting clubs to participate in during the celebration.

Covering a variety of interests, the clubs included Lego, Cooking Club, Scientist Club, Fingernail Painting Club, Pokemon Card Club, Tech Club, Crafts or Art Club, Dance Party Club, Wii Club, and more! The clubs were led by teachers and staff throughout the school.

"Students and staff had a wonderful time celebrating the growth from the Winter MAP assessments," said Mrs. Amanda New, Arnett's principal. "Students take the MAP test one more time this year to show how much they have grown. I wonder what we'll come up with for the next MAP celebration?!?"

Miles' mindful movement
Miles Elementary hosted a Family Mindful Movement Night as part of The Character Effect program. Families were invited to the school for an evening of yoga, meditation and other mindful activities in line with the program's aim to cultivate an atmosphere of respect for others and boost self-acceptance.

Mindfulness is a big part of the program, and students are encouraged to stop, take a breath, observe what is happening in their body and environment and then proceed with their day.
Everyone involved learned a lot and had fun doing it!

Lloyd's Spring Craft Fair
The Lloyd Spring Craft Fair will be held on Saturday, April 13th from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in Dietz Auditorium. Cost of admission is $3, which offers access to more than 50 vendors and crafters. All proceeds benefit the Lloyd and Tichenor Band programs.  

Howell celebrates reading with Dr. Seuss
Howell Elementary's celebration of Read Across America week culminated with Dr. Seuss Family Night, held Friday evening at the school. The evening brought families together and brought Dr. Seuss' iconic books to life through fun, creative crafts and activities. 

People had fun here and there... people had fun everywhere!

Lloyd students get on the bus
Four Lloyd students were recently put on a bus. This might not sound like much, but their photos are actually featured on the side of TANK buses!

Mitchell Kirst, Regina Bernard, Carynn Lee, and Paige Hoffman were chosen by the Kenton County Alliance as part of its "picture this" anti-drug campaign, encouraging the county's students to say no to drugs and alcohol. Look for them on TANK buses driving throughout Northern Kentucky!

Arnett's Amazing Race
Arnett Elementary recently challenged families to an Amazing Race, including tasks and challenges that led students and their families throughout the school completing STEM activities. The race even included a roadblock - just like in the popular reality TV show. This road block, however, consisted of Mrs. Amanda New, Arnett's principal and Mrs. Naomi Colliver, school counselor, leading teams in the Chicken Dance!

Cinderella delights audiences
Dietz Auditorium was transformed to a storybook setting for Lloyd Memorial High School's annual musical: Cinderella. From singing and acting to staging and set building, Lloyd students were involved in every aspect of the magical production, delighting packed audiences all weekend. Great job, talented Lloyd students!

Miles receives generous donation thanks to Rotary Club, GO Pantry
Miles Elementary recently received a generous donation to help meet students' nutritional needs thanks to a partnership between the GO Pantry and the Kenton County Rotary Club. Rotary Club President-Elect Andrew Kearns delivered food to be used in food packs to help ensure kids have enough to eat when they are not at school.

Mrs. Lauren Parker, Family Resource Center coordinator, and Mrs. Katie Pilgram, school counselor, were on hand to gratefully receive the donation. Together they will determine students who will benefit from taking extra food home for weekends or school breaks.

GO Pantry has been serving the needs of over 300 children in Boone County, and Miles Elementary is the organization's first delivery in Kenton County, thanks to the Rotary Club's newest community service project.

Basketball Updates

Lindeman Elementary
The Lindeman girls basketball teams ended their season with a scrimmage against the school's teachers. The games, which were officiated by Principal Angie Gabbard, were very close... and included fantastic teamwork, lots of laughs, and an all-around great time.

Tichenor Middle School
Tichenor's 8th grade girls basketball team had much to celebrate; the team beat Bracken County in the championship game of the 8th grade girls basketball tournament, finishing the season with just one loss. Grace Smith, McKenzie Runion, and Hailey Canter were named to the All-Tournament team.

In addition, the school's 6th grade boys basketball team avenged their only loss of the year by beating Beechwood by one point in the championship game of the middle school tournament. All-Tournament honors were given to E.J. Walker, Jakare Pouncy, and Elijah Scott.

Lloyd High School
Jayla LaBordeaux (pictured above) was named to the girls basketball Division II Coaches Association All-Conference Team & All 9th Region - Third Team. India McRae was named Miss Hustle for Division II Coaches Association. 

Junior Treshaun Cody was recognized as a boys basketball Division II Basketball Coaches Association Award winner.

Food pantries available for district students, families

The Erlanger-Elsmere School District operates two food pantries, open to all families of students in the district.
Located at Arnett Elementary and Tichenor Middle School, the food pantries are open twice a month and have very limited conditions for use. To keep things simple, the only requirement is that a student living in the household is enrolled in a district school. Visitors to the food pantry complete a simple form consisting of just names and the number of people living in the household. That's it! Plus, families can visit any time; there is no maximum number of visits.
As an added bonus, the pantries are "choice" food pantries, meaning families can choose the food items they prefer, decreasing food waste and increasing the benefit!
Food is available through a partnership with the Freestore Foodbank.
Food pantry dates continue in 2019:
2:00 - 4:00 p.m.

Tuesday, March 26

Arnett Elementary also offers morning hours!
7:30 - 9:30 a.m.
Arnett Elementary School
3552 Kimberly Drive
Erlanger, KY 41018

Mrs. Tracey Molley

Tichenor Middle School
305 Bartlett Avenue
Erlanger, KY 41018

Ms. Amber Evans

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