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Ernestine's Celebrates
Black History Month
We celebrate Black History Month at Ernestine’s to honour and celebrate the diverse history of black culture within our community, as well to recognize their enormous contributions to society.
As part of our commitment to anti-racism and anti-oppression, we aim to provide programs that are important and culturally relevant to our clients, and during Black History Month, our Skills Exchange Counsellor facilitates programming that celebrates the achievements of the black community.
Last year, the women at the shelter created their own art projects, to exhibit what black womanhood and survival mean to them. This year, a guest speaker will visit the shelter to discuss the achievements of the black community, as well as the impact that black culture has on society.
Our programs and services recognize that all women of colour and indigenous women are compounded by vulnerabilities, and this month we pay special attention to the inordinate amounts of societal discrimination experienced by black women and children, who also face more violence and even more structural barriers when seeking safety and justice.
Learn About our Programs and Services
Featuring: Skills Exchange

The Skills Exchange Program supports women’s mental wellness by providing spaces to share their experiences of violence, without shame or guilt. The program also develops and strengthens women’s coping skills when dealing with past and present trauma. During group sessions, women share with each other their skills, knowledge, and life experiences. In addition to bringing in experts, many of program participants have their own expertise and possess professional and life skills that they are able to teach to one another, to empower and uplift each other as a group.

Program discussion topics can include: healthy sexuality, healthy relationships, employment, education, financial literacy, assertive communication, and parenting in trauma. These topics are framed within a feminist, anti-racist, and anti-oppressive framework. This foundation of shared experience breaks a woman’s sense of isolation, helps build self-esteem and enables her to become self-empowered.

Last year, we were able to introduce an 8-week long support group for women in the community, called “The Circle of Healing”, and we are thrilled to be able to offer it again this year, thanks to support from Citizenship and Immigration Canada. The group focuses on reducing the isolation, self-care, managing feelings, parenting, assertive communication, introduction to meditation, using intuition, and building self-esteem.
Our annual Winterfest Holiday Party was once again a phenomenal success!

The event was attended by 59 women and 113 children, comprised of both our in-house families and those who have moved out of the shelter and into the community. Past and present clients came together to catch-up, reconnect, and enjoy a super fun-filled evening of rides, food, and games.

The gifts that were collected during the holidays, by community supporters like you, were distributed to the families during that week. We were able to provide hope and joy to moms and kids, thanks to the gifts from our donors.

This event was only made possible thanks to the generosity of Woodbine Mall and Woodbine Entertainment Group, who provided us with the space, volunteer support, and delicious treats.

We are also incredibly grateful to the student volunteers from the The Michael Power Community Outreach program, who accompanied the children on rides and made sure that moms had a great time as well.
The 24th Annual Ernestine Affair

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April 11th
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The Carlu
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Meet the Staff at Ernestine's!

Over the Holidays, the Ernestine's staff team came together
for a fun-filled evening to enjoy with each other.
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