Friday, April 3, 2020
A Pre-Shabbat Message from Rabbi Wolkenfeld
View the video and source sheet on Sefaria or on YouTube.
The Jack Strulowitz Lakefront Eruv is up!
To stay updated on the status of the Eruv, visit our Twitter or Facebook pages. May our Eruv join us all together for a Shabbat filled with peace and unity.
Friday Candle Lighting: 7:01 PM
Saturday Havdalah: 8:02 PM

Recite Evening Sh’ma: April 3, after 8:01 PM
Latest time to recite Morning Sh’ma: April 4, 9:40 AM

View Rabbi Wolkenfeld's Shabbat HaGadol shiur, "Passover of Egypt and Passover of Generations" on our YouTube page .

View our guide to Combating Loneliness on Shabbat & Yom Tov here .

Readings for Shabbat Parshat Vayikra:
Leviticus 6:1-8:36
Hertz: Page 429
Kaplan: Page 520
Stone: Page 568
JPS Commentators: Page 34
Malachi 3:4-24
Hertz: Page 1005
Kaplan: Page 1288
Stone: Page 1220
Per our Seders-To-Go initiative, we'll be delivering over 300 meals, nearly 100 Haggadot, and other Pesach supplies to our members! Thank you to everyone who sponsored and contributed to help make these Seder meals accessible for all of our members:

Alfred Altschul, Lisa Carl, Roni & Rebecca Cohen, Elisheva Coleman, Gilad Domb & Maayan Friedland Domb, Debbie Schwartz & Jim Faier, Anna Freedman & Josh Markowitz, Jessica & Peter Goldman, Jennifer & Ilan Huberman-Shlaes, Russell Kassman, Eran & Rebecca Koren, Benjamin Krumstok, Joel Mackler, Jonathan & Kathleen Maduro, Tzvika & Libby Pollack, Jacob Rabinowitz, Jonathan & Yelena Reeder, Richard Golodner, Shira Wakschlag & Eli Rosenblatt, Anna Fishbein & Jonathan Samet, Emily & Sholom Sandalow, Debbie Fisch-Sasson, Libby & Adam Smoler, Michael Stark, Amelia Thomson-DeVeaux & Sam Taxy, Sara Thobe, Michael Traison, Georges Ucko, Etana Zack
The Chesed Committee is sending food to medical providers in the community over Pesach as our way to support them as they support all of us. The Chesed Committee is also working to bring basic supplies to older adults in the community who are not able to shop.

If you'd like to contribute to these efforts, please visit and select "Chesed Fund". If you are able to help with delivery of Chesed meals and food, please email Sara Wolkenfeld at
Pesach 5780
Visit for all of our Passover resources!

  • LAWS & CUSTOMS for Passover 5780, updated to reflect our inability to gather in shul and including detailed instructions for how to kasher pots and utensils at home in lieu of shul Boilathons

  • PASSOVER & PANDEMIC - Listen to the latest episode of The Straw Hat for more about preparing for Pesach and kashering dishes at home
Erev Shabbat L'Chaim & Ruach Zoom Dance Party
Today, 5:15 PM
Erev Kabbalat Shabbat
Today, 6:30 PM
Motzei Shabbat Havdala with Skokie Valley
Saturday, 8:20 PM
Adults - join Rabbanit Sarna and Rabbi Wolkenfeld for a L'Chaim at 5:15 PM, followed by a virtual Erev Shabbat Dance Party at 5:30 - open to everyone!

Join us for Kabbalat Shabbat, led by David Eisenstein. Shabbat comes in at 7:01 PM - there will be time to light candles and accept Shabbat after the Zoom service.

Join other ASBI Members and our friends at Skokie Valley Agudath Jacob for a joint Havdala!

Cartoon the Haggadah with Molly & Rabbanit Sarna
Sunday, April 5
Pesach Fun through Zoom with Tara
Tuesday, April 7, 11:00 AM
We have two sessions: 4:00 PM for 2nd and 3rd graders, and 4:30 PM for 4th and 5th graders. BYO paper and pen or pencil!

Gan kids - join Tara for Pesach fun from 11:00 - 11:30 AM!

Save the Dates: Chol Hamoed Fun for Everyone!
Sunday, April 12, 4:00 PM: Family Feud
Monday, April 13, 12:00 PM: Prince of Egypt Watch Party
Erev Pesach Siyum
Wednesday, April 8, 7:30 AM
Virtual Daily Mishnah Learning
Monday - Friday at 7:30 AM & Sunday at 8:30 AM
Daf Yomi with Rabbi Wolkenfeld
Weekday Mornings at 6:15 AM & Sundays at 7:15 AM
Firstborn children are invited to attend a siyum on Wednesday morning, April 8, commemorating the completion of a talmudic tractate. The siyum substitutes for a day of fasting that commemorates God’s saving of the Israelite first-born children when the Egyptian first-born were killed in the tenth plague.

This year, the Siyum will be convened via Zoom. Click here to join.
Everyone is invited to join Rabbi Wolkenfeld to learn Mishnayot. We will be learning the Mishnayot of Tractate Shabbat, found here. This learning is designed specifically for those who are missing Kaddish due to the cancellation of our Minyanim. The learning is dedicated to the memory of all the Yahrtzeits in our shul as well as all the people on our daily Kaddish list. Participants will be invited to share names of anyone they are mourning, remembering, or davening for through our joint learning.

Join via Zoom or call 312-626-6799 and use Meeting ID 924 897 9279.
Join Rabbi Wolkenfeld for morning Daf Yomi learning!

(Meeting ID: 135 743 786, Password: 043514)
Worth Remembering
Yerachmiel “Rick” Beiles, a”h, who died of COVID-19 last Shabbat, was our Gabbai in the 1990s when he was young, before he and his wife Lisa moved to West Rogers Park. Rick did it right: he was thorough, careful, and good-natured, and made friends who stayed in touch across the decades. Thus the news of his death spread fast and hit hard, not only because of the magnitude and untimeliness of this loss but also because of its impact: Lisa herself is battling both the virus and cancer, and there are four children, all young.

Help for this good, stricken family is within reach at TheChesedFund.Com. Rick Beiles’s memory can be for a blessing if we will it.
Help Provide Supplies for Chicago Police Officers
ASBI Security Officer Neal Schultz has shared with us a way you can help CPD members during the COVID-19 pandemic. They are facing mass shortages of supplies and resources that can protect them as they battle the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic. Please click here to help with this effort.
Get Your Passover Candy at Windy City Sweets!
Windy City Sweets is stocked with kosher for Passover and pareve candy items including locust chocolates, frog chocolates, chocolate bark, bridge mix, and fruit slices.

Call them for more information or to place an order: 773-477-6100.
Music from ASBI Member Will Kaplowitz
While you're spending time at home, you can enjoy music from ASBI member Will Kaplowitz! Listen to his YouTube channel here.
Shabbat Message Poster Activity!
Post a Shabbat Shalom message poster from you and your family on your window or the door of your apartment so that ASBI members taking walks on Shabbat can read your message and feel connected.

Use this document as a template or create your own. Take a picture before Shabbat and send it to so we can share them all!
Shabbat Shalom from ASBI!