February 22, 2023
Hello, Map Friends!
Can you believe that February is nearing its end already? Our winter on Cape Cod has been very mild, with almost no snow and many days with temperatures in the 30s and 40s. We have had only a few days below freezing, which is rather odd! It feels like Spring is almost here. The slowly increasing light is pleasant and Daylight Savings is less than three weeks away! We hope your winter has been going well!

Below we shall highlight some exciting new maps, but you can always visit our Newly Listed Maps section to see everything from the past month or so. We have a Great Maps - Super Deals category that offers our discounted items. And don't forget that we also have a category specifically for maps under $100!
If you are looking for something specific, we recommend using the search function or the "Filter By" function on the left side above the listings to search within a category.

Extraordinary Map of Paris in 20 sheets
This unusual offering is an antique set of twenty maps that together create a large and impressive map of Paris. It was published in c. 1900 by Taride and is a recreation of a historic, earlier map of Paris from 1739. The Turgot map of Paris is a highly accurate and detailed map of the city of Paris, France, published in 1739 as an atlas of twenty non-overlapping, sectional bird's-eye-view maps. Turgot was given official permission to enter every building in Paris in order to depict each building accurately. These gorgeously detailed maps could be framed individually in the gallery wall style that is popular these days, or the pages could be joined by a restorer to create a wall map (rendered digitally below) that would measure around 75.25 x 100 inches. Either way, the result will be an impressive and sophisticated art piece.
1900 - Paris in the 18th Century - Plan de Paris en 20 Planches
Close-up of sheet with Notre-Dame de Paris
New Pictorial Maps
We are excited to have several new pictorial maps that we have not offered before, from California to West Point. These maps are as delightful as they are interesting!
1932 - A Map of Exploration in the Spanish Southwest 1528-1793
1927 - Historic Adventure Land of the Northwest
1928 - Map of West Point New York (with variations)
1958 - Cape Cod and the Islands
Botanical Profile representing the Forest Trees along the Route explored by Lieut. A. W. Whipple… from Fort Smith to San Pedro
Photos cannot do justice to this spectacular and fascinating survey of the dominant tree species along the Parallel of 35 degrees North Latitude completed in 1853-1854. This chart is read right to left and top to bottom as you follow the journey from Fort Smith to San Pedro. The parallel lines indicate elevation. A stunning and unique piece that will frame beautifully.
1855 - Botanical Profile representing the Forest Trees along the Route explored by Lieut. A. W. Whipple… near the Parallel of 35 degrees North Latitude 1853-1854 from Fort Smith to San Pedro
Close-up of part of the page including the Explanation of Signs
Other New Additions
We wish we could highlight every newly-added map, chart, and print and give each one its moment in the spotlight, but unfortunately it just isn't possible. Here are a few more noteworthy items you don't want to miss!
1760 - An Accurate Map of Italy Laid down from the best Authorities
1889 - Bird's-Eye View of the City of Denver, the Metropolis of Colorado
1890 - Westchester County- Scarborough to Putnam County Line-East
1872 - City of New-York
1840/1843 - A New Chart of the North Sea or German Ocean- Antique Chart
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