August 2018 Newsletter from Lovejoy Travel Agency
Escape to Croatia
Croatia did loose the World Cup but they fought hard to represent their country and remind the world who they are. Which makes me want to remind you how beautiful Croatia is and why Croatia is one of 2018 hot spots.

Croatia has a rich history that involves Romans, Venetians and Germans. Most recently is the violent separation from Yugoslavia a decade and a half ago. Despite the war, Croatians are a relaxed group that are welcoming to travelers. Their miles of seafront, over a thousand islands, mountains and waterfalls remind people of the beauty despite the devastation.
The top tourist town in Croatia is Dubrovnik due to its charm and the quaintness of Old Town. Walking around the top of the Town Walls is an absolute must. These walls were built in the 15 th century, encircling the city, protecting the town when the Ottoman navy became a threat. These walls give tourist a lay of the land as they can point out the Stradun promenade, Pile Gate and the cathedral. Meanwhile, you get a great view of the sea.

The big city of Split is another great spot with their impressive Roman ruins. These ruins were built in the fourth century A.D. by Roman Emperor Diocletian for his retirement. Eventually they were abandoned and influenced with Gothic-Renaissance architecture. The Mestrovic Gallery is another perfect spot to view art and sculptures. However, some of the best people watching is strolling down Riva, the seaside pedestrian drag or hiking the Marjan Peninsula.

Plitvice Lakes National Park
If nature is really what you are looking for in Croatia, Plitvice is where you need to be. Plitvice is made up of 16 lakes and a forested canyon, but the park is designed for hikers with paths that lead right up to the waterfalls. The beauty that surrounds you on this hike will take your breath away (if the terrain hasn’t already). 

The island town of Korcula is a laidback area of Croatia with engaging museums and fjord-like mountains. Founded by ancient Greeks, it became a Roman Empire and eventually an outpost for the Venetians where Marco Polo was born. The museums in Korcula are tiny but well worth it.

The “world’s top 10 most beautiful islands” is drawing lots of tourists. Nightlife, beaches, museums, high-end yachting, fun-loving, all makes Hvar a time to remember. The crystal-clear water is a great place for swimming. With the Cathedral of St. Stephen, the Benedictine Convent, the Franciscan Monastery and the Hvar Fortress, you have many reasons to get off the beach and walk around as well. 
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