Escape to God--Spanish
"... Come to ME that you may have LIFE."
John 5:40

          "Escape to God" in Spanish. When I was in Argentina people were so excited to have a personal walk with God and empowerment, so they translated Jim's book to Spanish.
Imagine Walking With God at your side. You are speaking with Him, asking Him for Wisdom to be His obedient son in your habits of life, to be the parent He wants you to be, to be the husband that is Christ-like to his wife! And when you are being still, you sense Him impressing your conscience, according to the Word, Christ's life, and in His Spirit answers to your heart-burning questions? It is not an audible voice but thoughts in your conscience based upon His Word and life.

You can hardly believe God is impressing you, for you feel so unworthy of His help, yet you know you can't change without a viable connection and communion with Him. So you try what He put on your heart and it's unbelievable your wrong habits change as you surrender, your ill feelings melt away, your unforgiving spirit wants to forgive. God impressing His character for you to choose to change, and He does what you cannot do on your inner man!! Wow what a miracle! What did I do that brought Heaven down to Earth right here with me?? You want to repeat this good experience. You want Jesus walking by your side, to never leave you nor forsake you. This is a true experience--He will always be with you to aid your redemption In Him!!

This book is a must read to see that God is a personal Savior that loves you, walks with you, talks with you and empowers you to be all He wants you to be. Jim shares how God got his attention and taught Him how to Walk With God to become the husband, the father, and the son to God that Jesus wants to help us all to become. It is a must read and to apply and find the joy of Christ's presence in your life.

It's available in English ... $17.00 hardback book
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It's available in Spanish ... $12.00 paperback  

May the Good Shepherd shepherd you ... His Sheep in His Pastures of Learning and Feed you with the Instructing Word of God, and empower you with the Indwelling Jesus to your soul.

Blessings & Mighty In Him,
Jim & Sally

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