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Today’s ‘Customer Experience’ (CX) minute will show the way. Continuing our series on CX we have Mike Townsend with 31 years of sales and customer expertise, 10 of them in the tire business. Think it’s all about customer service? Mike says nope, just a small part of it. He says you need systematic processes that cover how your people and surroundings interact with your customers. Do you have written processes, or are you winging it? Are your people sporadic in how well they engage with customers? Do you have adequate parking? Clean restrooms? Is your website simple and easy to navigate? And my favorite: How well do you handle inbound phone calls? Mike says having a defined Customer Experience process in place for phone etiquette will allow your people to win over 90% of callers, without lowering your prices. Sound interesting? Read the article by clicking HERE .
2020 Cooper rebate kickoff

You’ll notice a difference in Cooper’s rebate timing this year. They’re not going by calendar months. Instead they’ll be trying to cover important driving holidays. That’s why this first rebate runs from March 19 to April 20.  

Product and Reward Value

$50 – Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring and CS5 Grand Touring

$60 —Cooper Discoverer SRX

$70 —Cooper Discoverer AT34S, Cooper Discoverer AT3LT, Cooper Discoverer AT3XLT
More MAP

Cooper is adding the Evolution Tour to their Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) program. You know MAP. It helps to prevent online sellers from going below Cooper’s printed minimums. They say, “We believe our MAP policy will help to stabilize and protect advertised prices in support of the Cooper brand value...” They do want all Medallon dealers to visit coopertire.channelsynch.com to register for access to the MAP portal. If you play along by registering, you’ll know all the prices and procedures and I’m told there is even a cool little button you can press to turn in violators. I’m happy they care enough to enforce this.  
EnduraMax update

I call it a tire made just for the Northeast and right about now you’ll be seeing the new Discoverer EnduraMax in the back of our delivery trucks during a special show and tell period. In case you’ve forgotten, Cooper’s Discoverer Enduramax is tailor made for CUV and small SUV owners that desire MORE TRACTION. The tire features a more open tread pattern with sawtooth grooves and special siping that earn it the right to wear the 3 peak mountain snowflake symbol. Let’s talk about bad roads. EnduraMax has extra-strength steel belts like Cooper puts in their on/off road tires. Dirt and gravel? Cooper is big on cut and chip resistant compounds that they’ve perfected for LT and commercial truck tires and the E-Max has them too. They’re promising a very quiet ride and a 60,000 mile warranty. And the most frequently asked question: Does the Enduramx replace the SRX? No way. This new tire is a totally different product with a completely different mission. And no one else makes one like it.  
Believe everything you read online?

Saw this gem recently. Boy did I want to click on it. “You can never be too careful when at the beach in PA.” Maybe they meant Jersey Shore? Yes, there is a little town in PA called Jersey Shore. No beaches though... No Situation... No King Cobras... No Spicoli-like tasty waves... But wait. Only 26 miles from Clyde Peeling’s Reptiland in Allenwood. Should they take inventory?
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Jeff Short
VP of Sales