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April 7th, 2021
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Are You Comfortable With Fully Opening Back Up By June 15th?
Last Week's Poll Results: "How Soon Would You Feel Comfortable Attending A Street Festival In Escondido?
June = 38%
July = 10%
August = 10%
September = 18%
October = 24%
This week we invited one of our newest Board members to write my column and tell us what they are up to. Featured this week is Corrine Busta, and we asked Corrine to tell us what she is up to and below is her answer.

During the pandemic we’ve experienced an unexpected dynamic shift in where and how our work is done. A large number of our population are no longer sitting in bumper to bumper traffic or working in traditional office spaces. There has been an abrupt transition into working from home and for our youth distance learning. Over the years technology has been progressing into our lives at a moderate pace but over the past year tech has catapulted our daily use into an all time high. 
Today we are seeing a higher percentage of an at-home working population as well as homebound learning for our youth. As a mother of 2 active boys I have seen firsthand the toll it has taken on them being unexpectedly transitioned into a world of limited social interaction and more time locked on their computers. The balance of screen time vs. green time has become unbalanced. It’s the Social Dilemma!
I have the great fortune to take on the role of Director of Business Development and Communications for Nature Unplugged, Inc. and One Law Love. Yes, 2 companies, who have a combined mission to help individuals work through internal/external conflict, anxiety, depression, and inspire wellness in the digital age. 
Let’s dive into Nature Unplugged. Please don’t let the company name fool you, Nature Unplugged is not anti-tech. We know that the problem is not technology. The challenge we’re addressing is that we’ve become overly connected to technology and disconnected from ourselves, each other, and the great outdoors.. This imbalance impacts our physical and mental health in myriad ways. To name a few, we’re seeing higher instances of sedentary lifestyles, hypertension, obesity, and a decrease in strength on the physical health side. On the mental health side, we’re seeing an increase in attention disorders, isolation, anxiety, depression, and suicide.
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Thursday, April 15th
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The health and safety of our community remains our top priority. The City of Escondido is actively taking measures to keep our community safe and to slow the spread of COVID-19.

We are committed to following the Governor’s and the County Public Health Officer’s orders in a combined effort to keep our population healthy and safe while providing essential services to our residents.
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The Museum is introducing Oil Painters of America: 30th National Juried Exhibition on Saturday, April 10, 2021.
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