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March 24th, 2021
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As we inch closer to the Orange tier with the broader rollout of vaccines combined with the social distancing and mask protocols in place, it’s important to not forget those less fortunate during this pandemic. The sad reality is that much suffering and loss of life has been felt by many.

Let us mourn our losses, support our less fortunate and look to a brighter tomorrow free of the ravages of this pandemic.

The world will look very different for a while and eventually this time we’re all sharing will be but a distant memory. Let’s look to learn from this experience and believe in each other looking for the good each of us has inside. It’s easy to find the faults, or point out the problems, not so easy to come up with the solutions.

“We are all in this together” has been repeatedly echoed for over a year now, yet this experience is not the same for all of us. Let’s remember this and take away something positive, whether it is small or large, from our individual experience. Look for the good and you find it no matter how small.

Now I’m going to repeat the mantra over and over again: support local businesses whenever you can. It is up to each of us to make a difference and supporting local is one way to help rebuild our business community. It may not be the most convenient but, when you have a choice, choose local.

Along those lines we welcome the newest addition to our downtown core with the grand opening of the newest Goodwill location on the corner of Escondido Blvd. and Washington Street. And quite the facility it is. A new career center is located inside giving access to those in need of work to the internet and so much more including job application training.

It’s funny how sometimes you see things very clearly and then you get up close and realize it’s not as clear as you thought. Business can be this way. What appears to be very clear can actually be very blurry. Dealing with local government is one example. A straight line is not always the quickest. Ours is a layered world with one small pebble creating a distant wave felt far away.

The Chamber is committed to help by guiding, enlightening and supporting business. We will never give up on our mission to help businesses succeed.


James Rowten (JR)
P.S. Happy Birthday to Yessenia @
E&J Metal Supply
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The health and safety of our community remains our top priority. The City of Escondido is actively taking measures to keep our community safe and to slow the spread of COVID-19.

We are committed to following the Governor’s and the County Public Health Officer’s orders in a combined effort to keep our population healthy and safe while providing essential services to our residents.
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The San Diego Latino Health Coalition has created a special video campaign to help educate the Latino community about the Covid-19 vaccines. They want to make sure the proper information gets out to the public so people know the vaccine is available and is safe for people to get now.
Public Safety is a Priority
We all know, public safety was front and center last year, and will continue to be a big issue this year. This includes things like officer records, officer training, and oversight, to name a few. The Covid outbreak within our prison system was not handled well, with well-reported outbreaks and
deaths amongst prison staff, including correctional officers, and those incarcerated.

In an attempt to reduce...
Scene In Escondido: Goodwill Grand Opening