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Parshas Chayei Sara

Shabbos Mevorchim Kislev

November 10 - 11, 2023

27 Cheshvan, 5784

Shalom and hello everyone! I hope you are doing well. 


Please join us this Shabbos for incredible davening and learning. We have a lot going on! 


This week is Shabbos Mevorchim Kislev! Join us for special tefilos in honor of the upcoming Rosh Chodesh, which falls on Tuesday, November 14, 2023.  



We are excited to welcome Chazan Yaakov Blum this Shabbos at Ohav Sholom. Hear his upbeat, melodious niggunim and exceptional davening - his energy will inspire you! 


Yasher Koach to our Super Gala Washing Kiddush co-sponsors, Dr. Bernie Cohen, commemorating the yahrtzeit of his late father, Harav Yaakov ben Chaim Lieber HaCohen, z”l, and Michael Markovitch, Esq., to commemorate the yahrtzeits of his beloved parents, Shimshon ben Yechiel, and Bracha bas Mattes, both survivors of the Shoah, and also as a zechus for the safety of Klal Yisroel. 


May all the neshamos enjoy a big aliya in Gan Eden! Amen

Join me next Shabbos, Parshas Toldos, for a Shabbos of UNITY and a catered and waited Friday Night Seudah (at Ohav Sholom) featuring incredible food from BREADBERRY and remarks by the irrepressible Ami Horowitz!


Don’t miss this exciting event and Shabbos! You can register for the Friday seudah HERE. 



Parshas Chayei Sarah -

In Search of Greatness 

וַיָּבֹא֙ אַבְרָהָ֔ם לִסְפֹּ֥ד לְשָׂרָ֖ה וְלִבְכֹּתָֽהּ - And Avraham came to eulogize Sarah and to weep over her

The posuk is somewhat puzzling. Is it not human nature to weep over the loss of a loved one immediately upon their passing? Does one wait for eulogies to begin to express emotion and to cry? 

In truth, Avraham shed only a few tears for Sarah. Indeed, due to Sarah’s longevity, he could have made a joyous “siyum” over her long and productive life! 

And yet, Avraham eulogized her and shed tears - in that order.  

A hesped for a tzaddik provides an opportunity to reflect upon the colossal loss of global merit and universal protection the world suffers at the death of a righteous person. 

Eulogies are a medium to articulate and communicate to the wider public and ourselves the direct impact the greater public and in particular, the Jewish People, suffer, when deprived of someone of exceptional merit and worth. 

Similarly, we find in the Gemara that Rav exhorted his students to exaggerate their emotions during eulogies to be delivered after his death - to underscore to listeners the value and impact a tzaddik has on his or her generation. 

Some people wouldn’t be moved to tears upon hearing of his petirah, reasoned Rav, so educate them to help them understand what it means to lose a model Jew or Torah sage in Israel!  

The Gemara describes how soon after the passing of Rav, his students were stymied by a halachic question and realizing their inability to ever ask their Rebbe and resolve the legal crisis, they tore their clothes in grief, again. 

We convince ourselves we understand the tzaddikim and gedolei Yisroel but it is only after their passing that we start the process of truly evaluating their greatness and then we begin to appreciate what we had... 


Due to a shortage of foreign workers in Israel and the call of reservist soldiers, there is a severe lack of workers to pick produce, etc., and to do a host of jobs that help the running of the country and the economy. 


Robert Marcus and Dr. Gavin Samuels, both distinguished past presidents of Ohav Sholom, heard that call and sprang into action; they proceeded to volunteer and pick Avocados in the fields in Israel (notice the sack slung over Robert’s shoulder.) 


As you can tell during this work break (one of many, I’m sure) these guys are preoccupied with schmoozing, sipping cold drinks, and slurping strawberry ices. 


But their heart is in the right place. 


A big yasher koach to these remarkable two - and the thousands like them, who have stepped up to help Eretz Yisroel and Klal Yisroel in her critical time of need. Amazing! 

Have a wonderful Shabbos!


I’ll see you at the concert tonight and in shul on Shabbos, and at the rally in Washington DC next week!


Rabbi Aaron D. Mehlman

Erev Shabbos Kodesh Parshas Chaye Sara mevrochim Kislev 5784 

Shabbos Timetable

Friday, Erev Shabbos Kodesh 

Candle Lighting 4:24 PM

Mincha/KS: 4:35 PM

Saturday, Shabbos Kodesh

Shachris: 9:00 AM

Guest Chazan: Yaakov Blum

Gala Kiddush: 11:15 AM

Mincha: 4:15 PM

Daf Yomi: 4:45 PM

Maariv: 5:25 PM

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