Bicycle Doctor Update

"Bicycle repair, supply and sales" have been deemed essential according to Governor Evers's Safer at Home order, which is in effect until April 24th. We are extremely grateful that we will be allowed to fix your bikes and give as many people as possible the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air by bicycle.

To help stop the spread of COVID-19, we are following the state's guidelines to limit interactions. Read on for details. We thank you for your loyalty and support.

In brief, all of our interactions with you will need to happen over the phone. Currently, we only have two phone lines. Try again if you are sent to voicemail! We will monitor Facebook messenger and email closely as well. All payments will be taken over the phone. No cash/checks accepted. Thanks for your patience in adjusting to this new routine.

Tune ups
  • Call the shop at 262-965-4144 when you arrive.
  • We will take your information and ask you to leave your bike outside by our service door. We will sanitize your bike before bringing it in and our mechanics will give you a call to talk through your bike's tune-up diagnosis.
  • Similarly, when you arrive to pick up your bike, give us a ring. We will bring a sanitized bike outside, lean it in the bike stand for you to then load in your car.

Bike purchases
Give us a call. We will talk you through available bike models, the best bikes for your riding goals, and assist in sizing you. We can arrange an opportunity for a test ride as well.

Other essential purchases
We are happy to chat and answer any questions. From helmets, to spare tire tubes, to flat repair kits, we have the accessories to make you safe and self sufficient. Guidelines recommend solo riding, which makes planning ahead extra important!

Bear with us! This process is new for everyone. We will learn more as we go. We are going to do our absolute best to get you out in the fresh air on your bicycle. Thank you for your continued support!

*New Hours for Bicycle Doctor during Safer at Home*
March 25-April 24

Weekdays 10:00am - 6:00pm
Saturday 10:00am - 5:00pm
Sunday Noon - 4:00pm
Ride inside
"Bike Camp"
Ride the trails
Beauty of a solo ride
-Excerpt from Cyclocross Magazine, "Can You Ride Your Bike During a COVID-19 Shelter in Place"

  1. "Ride by yourself. It may not be as fun, but unless you’re riding with someone you share a living space with, it’s not worth exposing your loved ones, or riding buddies, to potential exposure. Do you really want to worry about wind speed and wind direction to avoid exposing each other? It’s too tempting to have a conversation, especially for those of us holed up for days already. Remember, some athletes are positive for COVID-19 but completely asymptomatic.
  2. Don’t take risks. Now is not the time to try to become Tom Meeusen and teach yourself to bunnyhop. It’s also not the time to PR a technical trail or downhill. Medial resources are limited and constrained, and may not be available to you if you need medical attention due to an accident...This also should apply to distance and duration. If you’re used to hour-long rides, even a six-hour mellow ride on non-technical terrain still represents a tax to your immune system.
  3. Stuff that saddle bag! This is an important, but often neglected key to surviving a solo ride. Bring all the essentials so that you can make it home regardless of the mechanical issue. Don’t be that cyclist on the side of the road or trail begging for assistance. You can pretend you’re packing for the DK200 or a bikepacking trip. Consider stuffing that saddle bag with these items:
  • spare tube
  • tire levers
  • patch kit
  • tubeless plugs
  • extra sealant
  • pump
  • chain tool
  • quick link
  • multi-tool
  • snack
  • money"

Bicycle Doctor is here for you. Give us a ring and we are happy to chat about route recommendations or riding tips.
Lake Michigan
For those at home, take time to try something new.
The Glacial Drumlin Trail has sections all the way from Waukesha to Madison. Marshlands, forests and farm fields make for picturesque landscape. Flat, and typically with little traffic, this is a perfect place for a family ride.

From Waterville Road, to Golden Lake Lane, to School Section Lake Road, down to Palmyra and La Grange, we love the roads in our neighborhood. Ride GPS and Stava are great resources for routes. 

If you've never researched a route before, give it a whirl. Call us up, and we'll review it with you. Write out your own cue sheet and practice some old fashioned map reading. Bring your phone for back up, of course, and plan to fix your own flats. See it as a self-support adventure. There's time to figure it out!

Once the mountain bike trails open, Lapham Peak's beginner trails, Minooka's intermediate options, and Emma Carlin or John Muir's single track offer a place to clear your head, stay healthy, and re-find the happiness that biking can bring you. Be sure to call the hotlines to check on trail conditions. Alphine Valley has already been open for a few days of riding. Their Facebook page has condition updates. Stay low risk!

Ride inside with us on Strava. Join the Bicycle Doctor WI Strava club. Our 177 members will keep you on your "A" game. 

Stay safe. Ride with caution. Get sleep. Don't overdo it.
Open road
I believe the beauty of riding bikes, running, or just being outside is the ability to let go. My brain stops whirring with tasks, news, highs and lows of the day, week, or year. I think about nothing . In the nothingness, I fully notice my surroundings and that's where I find gratitude and peace.

I have gotten out of this practice in recent years. Running and riding with friends is fun. Keeping track of stats is fun. With everything going on in the last two weeks, I have chosen to use the time to myself outside to practice finding that place of gratitude and peace again. I have to be very intentional about it, otherwise five miles go by and my thoughts are still 'on' at high speed. This week, I've been successful. I've noticed beautiful bird songs especially and the smell of spring. I encourage you to try it and let me know how it goes!
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