Need Emotional Fuel? We Have It.
by Bryan Larsen
Original oil painting
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Please accept this invitation to explore our collection of art at , where you will surely find art that makes you smile, reflect, and hopefully breathe a little easier during these challenging times.

Absorb the goodness and let it whisk you away, if only for a few moments.

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A note from Quent Cordair: The "shelter-at-home" order in Napa calls for the shuttering of all "non-essential" businesses, which by the government's definition, includes ours. As it is unlikely that we'll be able to convince the authorities to make an exception for us, on grounds that Art is as essential for the soul as food is for the body and fuel is for motor vehicles, our doors are closed for the indefinite future. Our beauty-filled website, however, remains open, and we continue conducting business remotely, processing orders and packing and shipping art as our artists and clients desire and require. We haven't survived in this business for twenty-four years -- through earthquakes, fires, and previous economic slumps -- to allow the present challenges to stop us.

The Art will go on.

Hundreds of beautiful artworks, created by our ten sculptors and twenty painters, may be enjoyed on the gallery website Linda Cordair  happily offers, by phone, a virtual tour of the on-line gallery, answering any questions and assisting with finding particular artworks that one might enjoy viewing, based on expressed interests and tastes, without obligation or expectation of purchase. If interested in a guided, virtual tour, please feel free to e-mail Linda  or contact us via the "Ask a Question" tab located along the left side of all the gallery pages.

To the art!
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