Honoring Mayor Joe Gunter

Last night, the Chamber shared the somber news that our Mayor of Salinas, Joe Gunter, had passed away.
Mary Duan of the Monterey County Weekly wrote this tribute to him.
As CEO of the Chamber, I worked closely with Joe for 8 years. He was an ever-present mayor; I would see him at so many events (often several on the same day). More than a few times, I asked him jokingly whether he ever took time just to do nothing. He’d respond with a smile and a trademark quip.
Many people don’t know, but other than a small monthly stipend, the position of Mayor of Salinas is not paid (nor are any of the Councilmembers). In my opinion, you do the job because you aspire to higher office or you do it because you enjoy it and you love Salinas. Clearly, Mayor Joe Gunter falls into the latter category.
Even though there are many “not fun” parts of being Mayor, Joe took it all in stride. He always cared about what was right for Salinas and he put his limitless energy into helping people. Our community is better for his efforts and we all owe him a debt of gratitude.
We send our condolences to his family and all Salinas residents.
Thank you and Rest In Peace, Mayor Joe.
Photos of Mayor Joe Gunter:
  1. Mayor Joe Gunter consoles. [photo courtesy of Supervisor Luis Alejo]
  2. Mayor Joe leading. [Photo from City of Salinas website]
  3. Mayor Joe with former Salinas City Councilwoman Kimbley Craig [Photo courtesy of Kimbley Craig]