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The Essentials - Modern Day Heroes

Together, we can get to the other side.  Together, we will celebrate.  One another, we will hug, laugh and spend time together again.
Today is about recognizing those are keeping it together.  The Essentials. The people who keep everything going so that we are able to get to the other side.  The nurses, doctors, techs, therapists, housekeeping and janitorial personnel in our hospitals.  The stockers and cashiers at our local stores.  The bank employees, food delivery people and restaurants who are rethinking how they work to keep everything moving.
W e say THANK Y OU!
Nursing Trophy - 10"
Recognize those who are always there when you need them; medical, first responders, military, police, fire and so many others. 

Each award includes engraving for a personalized message to the recipient letting them know how much you appreciate them.
Say THANK YOU with a smile...

For those who may need a little more unique way of expressing appreciation, we have a novelty trophies.  Below are two of them that recognize The BOMBs in your workplace and anyone who has earned the name "TOP BANANA"!

Both of these trophies can accommodate up to 4 lines of engraving on a gold finish plate.  Let us help you celebrate every victory you have!
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