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4th February 2012


The Future of Learning

Last week we hosted our annual conference and festival in London.

Over 700 delegates attended the conference, several thousand people participated online via the live stream and thousands more came to the free festival.

For us it was the culmination of a journey and the start of a new one.


Media and blogosphere feedback can be found here

Photographs from the conference and festival can be found here

And the videos of the first talks are now online - see below



Noam Chomsky - The Purpose of Education

Noam Chomsky discusses the purpose of education, impact of technology, whether education should be viewed as a cost or investment and the value of standardised assessment.

Noam Chomsky



Ray Kurzweil - Exponential Learning & Entrepreneurship

"Entrepreneurship shouldn't just be an after-school club"


Inventor & futurist, Ray Kurzweil on DNA, 3D printed buildings, prediction accuracy, adjusting to change, neuroscience, innovation in schools & learning.

Ray Kurzweil


Ellen MacArthur - Learning & the Circular Economy

Ellen MacArthur, sailor & founder of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation presents this talk about population, depleting natural resources and the role of education in establishing a new approach based around the Circular Economy.

Ellen MacArthur


Jaron Lanier - Learning by Experience & Play

"You can't learning the kind of stuff you learn from people from machines"


Renowned computer scientist, pioneer of virtual reality, artist, musician and author, Jaron Lanier presents this talk about learning, experience & play.

Jaron Lanier


Keri Facer - Learning Futures

Keri Facer, Professor of Education, Manchester Metropolitan University author, discusses the future of learning in the context of an underlying shift in the foundation of society and its impact on the education superstructure.

Keri Facer



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