U.S.-based Linc Service and TEGG Principals and General Managers,

Many city, state and local authorities have enacted mandatory curfew requirements due to escalating violence in major cities across the country.

In some cases your employees may be required to perform business, such as emergency service work, within curfew hours. If so, please click here for a letter you can share with your employees to carry with them if they must travel or work in areas that are under mandatory curfew due to protests. The letter should be customized to include your company's information.

In addition to a personal form of identification, if employees have a company badge or work site credentials, you should recommend that they keep these with them at all times while traveling to and from work.

Please communicate with and stay in contact with your employees, especially if you are in an area under mandatory curfew. If possible, schedule emergency service visits outside of curfew hours. Stay informed of the news and events in your work region and follow the directions of law enforcement officers.

If you have questions or need support, please reach out to your AVP.

Stay safe,

Bruce and Marty