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If you would like information on:
  • How to create an affordable long term care insurance solution
  • How to use existing non-qualified annuities or life insurance policies (cash surrender value – including principal AND tax-deferred gains) to fund a long term care insurance solution
  • How to facilitate an Executive Carve Out benefit for your business owner clients using long term care insurance

We can host a workshop for you to learn these, and more, LTCi planning opportunities.
18th Annual ILTCI Conference
Register now for the 18 th Annual Intercompany Long Term Care Insurance Conference which will be held in Las Vegas on March 18-21. New this year is a ‘Sales’ track which will provide you with exciting ideas on how to increase your sales and marketing efforts. Learn from industry experts about a wide variety of subjects. There are many sessions you won’t want to miss!!
New Jersey Now Available
NGL EssentialLTC is now available in New Jersey! 

For additional information regarding:
  • Premium Payment Options
  • New Employer Group Unisex Rate Classifications
  • Partnership Eligibility

Don’t miss the opportunity to sell this exciting product!
Position LTCi in the Workplace
Do you work with business owners?

Do you want information on how to best position LTCi in the workplace?
How to Transfer
Do you have clients that own existing life or annuity contracts that have accumulated tax-deferred gains?

Has the ‘need’ for the contract changed and your client no longer has an identifiable reason to keep the policy?

Want to learn about how to transfer, on a tax-free basis, the surrender value (principal AND tax-deferred gains) to fund a traditional LTCi policy (with the possibility of having a guaranteed premium and comprehensive LTC protection)?
LTCi Tax Deductions
Tax season is in full swing and this is a perfect time to remind your clients about LTCi tax deductions.
Bravo! Bravo for an article that combats the typically negatively written material about LTCi.

This is an excellent piece to send to anyone who has read the recent WSJ article and therefore has a negative opinion of long term care insurance.

Gabrielle (an LTCi specialist) explains how 1 mother can take care of 6 kids, but 6 kids could not take care of 1 mother. And, her mistake of suggesting to her own mother to 'not' get LTCi (and how wrong she was!).

Steve Cain, an LTCi advocate, specialist and industry maven addresses the issue of buying Linked-Benefit LTCi or Standalone LTCi.

Nicole Gurley explains the five reasons why people buy long term care insurance.  

Mrs. LTC, a long term care specialist, tackles the battle of assessing which is more right for a client - a Hybrid or a Traditional LTC insurance policy. 

Kerry Peabody, a long-time LTC insurance industry expert, discusses the value of the LTC Partnership program. 

Vincent Benitez identifies some surprising facts to see if long term care insurance is worth it?!?

Deb Newman, a long time industry expert and advocate of LTCi explains why owning long term care insurance is one of the smartest planning decisions you can make, and, how to make the decision affordable despite the expensive stigma.

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