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Potential auto tariffs

The White House is contemplating a 25% tariffs on imported auto parts, which has Michigan’s auto industry worried, according to Michigan Radio.

The U.S. commerce Department delivered a report on Sunday to the White House on the implications of such tariffs, and the president has 90 days to decide on whether to impose the tariffs.

Imposing tariffs kill jobs, and the auto industry plays an important role in the U.S. economy, especially in Michigan. We encourage the president not to impose tariffs on important auto parts. Click here for more here for more ….. 

Washington News

Activists gathered in Lansing, Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, and Ferndale to protest President Trump's national emergency declaration.  Click here for more .....
Hardware store for sale.

Well-established and successful hardware store for sale. Both business and real estate are for sale. In addition to the hardware store, the deal includes a glass repair as well. The hardware store is located along Warren Avenue between Southfield and Greenfield Road. For more information, call 313-819-0101

Community News

Sam Baydoun held a public swearing-in ceremony Monday at the Civic Center, drawing hundreds of people. Baydoun won the election for Wayne County Commission in November. Congratulations to Sam, and we are proud of his accomplishments.
Tax refund advance

Should you apply for a tax refund advance, or should you wait until the money is wired to your bank or sent to you by mail? Getting an advance can provide instant cash, but most of the time it can cary Hefty fees. Experts advise that you are aware of the fees to make sure that they do not wipe out the refund. Click here to read more...

العذر باب للفرج
العذر تواصل آخر
العذر ابتسامة جديدة
العذر رحلة أخرى،مشوار من جديد،ونقطة ارتكاز على سطر طويل، وجواز سفر إلى أمكنة يستريح فيها متعب قبل أن يغفو.
Real Estate Market Update

State of the Detroit Metro Malls

Metro Detroit mall vacancy rates have dropped in recent years
Rents per square foot are increasing, suggesting growing demand for space
High-end destination malls are thriving, while some older malls will meet the wrecking ball this year. Click here to read more ....

Home prices up

Home prices continue to go up while sales have slowed down some in the overall market. Prices have gone up by about 2.8% overall as a courtesy of the high demand and low inventory.

In the Dearborn area, prices have gone up 7% and they are expected to continue rising in 2019. However, more homes on the market are expected this year which could make it easier to purchase a home.

Buying your first home

Home prices are expected to increase next year while inventory continues to be small. Experts believe that loans could cost more and the housing market will spike next spring. Click here for more ....

Housing market

The price of homes has stabilized and more homes are on the market this month. If you are looking for a home, this is the time to buy. Call 313-819-0101 today for more information.

The housing market across America

Office market

Office market in Metro Detroit continues to improve and more space is needed as companies target the area. Click here ....

Unclaimed property website

New unclaimed property website started this week. The state is providing the site to help property owners claim lost properties. Click here for more ...

Houses needed

We have several clients looking for homes in the Dearborn and Dearborn Heights area. If you have a home for sale, call 313-819-0101 for a free analysis.

Michigan News

Trade Mission

Four people found dead

A woman and three children were found shot dead in Kent County home, according to the local television station. The children were all elementary school aged or younger, the Kent County Sheriff told local media. Click here for more …. 

Payless to close stores

Payless to liquidate U.S. stores including 40 in Metro Detroit. Click here to find out which ones...

Food Stamps

MDHHS to issue March and April food stamps early. The change is prompted by the government shutdown. Click here for more ...

Teen Mental Health

More than 40,000 tens in Michigan do not get needed mental health treatment, according to the University of Michigan researchers. Click here for more ...
Ask The Doctor With Dr. Shamma

US Arab Radio is honored to host Dr. F. Nicholas Shamma, one of the best infertility doctors in the state every third Tuesday of the month to discuss infertility issues and information.

The show is broadcast on WNZK 690 AM from 8-9 a.m. EST.
Your Health  

Advice on what you should and shouldn't eat can be a little confusing. But don't be intimidated by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Here are five key recommendations to keep in mind.   

 Getting too little shut-eye can make you feel crabby or simply worn out. From setting a sleep schedule to paying attention to what you eat and drink, try these tips for a good night's rest.
Community events

Dearborn Area Chamber of Commerce

The Dearborn Area Chamber of Commerce is holding several events this year. Click here to check out their calendar


ACCESS provides an array of services and programs to the community. Click here for more information.

Other News


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