For 20 years, Ralph Pickle gifted residents at the Westview Boys Home in Hollis, Oklahoma, with spending money for birthdays and Christmas. 
Before Ralph’s death in 2017, his nephew Randy helped his uncle gift his estate to the Community Foundation to establish the Ralph Pickle Family Fund to continue this tradition.

The Oklahoma City Community Foundation can help you create an estate plan and leave a legacy like Ralph.
What Questions Are You Asking?
by Joe Carter, Oklahoma City Community Foundation Vice President of Development
Nine attorneys, CPAs and financial advisors joined me on a journey through the Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy (CAP) certification program developed by The American College . The first of the three-course program focuses on estate planning and how to ask the right questions.

A general assumption is that clients want to leave everything to their heirs. While understandable, this doesn't allow for conversations that may include charity. To help make better informed decisions, we NEED to be asking our clients and donors those thought-provoking questions about where and who they would like to distribute their estate to - and why
Asking the question in the right manner can make all the difference in the outcome.  
Common: Would you like to include any charities as beneficiaries in your plan? 

The tone of the question tends to make clients defensive as you’re asking them to equate charity to their children. 

Suggested: In addition to family and friends, are there any causes dear to your heart? 

This question allows them to reflect on things that have brought joy to their lives which might include charitable acts. 

This is just a small sample of what the CAP class is intended to achieve. 

The Oklahoma City Community Foundation plans to host this 10-month program every year. So far, the class has been well received, and attendees have already seen fascinating results using some of what they have learned in the course.

If you're interested in learning more about the CAP program, contact me at 405/606-2914.
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Income Tax Considerations in Estate Planning and Estate and Trust Administration
November 6
Directed Trusts: Understanding the Risks and Avoiding Liability
December 11
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