J.S. Burton, P.L.C. Is Excited To Announce Melissa N. Moser Has Joined Its Virginia Beach Office
Melissa N. Moser, Esq. has joined the firm as a partner, bringing with her experience in estate planning, estate and trust administration, business law matters, and tax law. One of the components of Melissa’s practice, which distinguishes her from other attorneys in this field, is her focus on Estate Planning for Pets. An animal lover, she has combined her passion for helping animals with her career purpose, resulting in the production of a comprehensive estate plan which considers ALL members of one’s family. To learn more about Melissa, click here

The Passage Of the SECURE ACT
The New Year brought with it the implementation of the SECURE Act. The Act amended Section 401(a)(9) and now requires certain beneficiaries to distribute the entire inherited IRA within 10 years after the death of the owner. This amendment has a drastic change to the previous law whereby beneficiaries had the advantage to stretch out the distributions over their individual life expectancies. Your estate plan should be reviewed so that, if necessary, updates can be implemented to provide the most tax advantageous strategies for your beneficiaries. Please contact our office today to schedule a complimentary review.
Estate Planning and Pets
Part of responsible pet ownership is making sure your pet will be taken care of in the event of your incapacity or death.  This can be accomplished with a variety of tools, but the most effective and efficient tool is a Pet Trust. With a Pet Trust, you can name a caretaker for your pet, fund your pet’s care with a portion of your estate or life insurance policy, and appoint a trustee to make sure the funds are spent on your pet in the manner in which you have prescribed. Contact Attorney Melissa N. Moser today to establish your plan for your non-human family member! More information about how to plan your estate for the care of your pet can be found on our website by clicking here .
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