ETERNAL! Inspired by the world of natural stone;  each slab is a unique piece, with distinctive identity, color and veins variation. 
Color range:
Try the New Suede Touch 
Silestone® presents the Reinvention of your Worktop

The new extra matte finish of Silestone® enhances worktops thanks to its soft velvety texture which is both pleasing to the eye and hand. Suede is a Silestone® sensation that offers something for all our senses due to its revolutionary texture, never before seen in quartz surfaces.  The new Suede finish provides superior resistance against stains and marks. Additionally, its exclusive treatment offers the highest technological performance.

White Essentials: Trend for white kitchens
Iconic White

The newest and whitest color, whiter than Blanco Zeus Extreme. More light and clarity to the most challenging spaces in your home.  Transmits cleanliness and purity to every and each space.  Silestone® properties remain the same and it becomes the perfect companion for your kitchen or bathroom.
The New generation of quartz surfaces with N-Boost

It is an innovation patented by Cosentino that will modify the surfaces in a molecular level and provide a further improve in technical and aestethic the Silestone® properties.
Silestone® N-Boost make the cleaning and maintenance of Silestone® easier than ever, reach a greater intensity in colors and an extraordinary shine in them. Silestone® Eternal offers itself the same mechanical properties of the brand: impact and scratch resistance, large format and versatility in applications.
High Stain Resistance
Intense Colors
Ultra-brilliant Surfaces