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July 5, 2015

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 Etheric Sludge?


First, I want you to know what "Etheric Sludge" is.  Etheric Sludge is the build up of electromagnetic density, or we may even say electromagnetic pollution or overload. 


Examples of such are:


1. The heavy mental energy behind grief and depression

2. The high-energy electromagnetic overload behind stress

3. The electrical intensity behind anxiety


The first is where heavy mental energy gets into the nerve synapses and impedes the nerve conduction.  This heavy load in the nerves demonstrates in the physical as a heavy load in life.  It becomes difficult to exercise, in fact, difficult to move at all.  It leads to the feeling of being an empty shell with no real purpose, expecting loneliness and disappointment.  It results in depression.


The second etheric sludge is stress which causes excess electromagnetic vibration which jams up the energy systems of the body.  This kind of energy pollution or toxicity creates high levels of free radicals which attack tissue throughout the body.  This build up of high electromagnetic vibration demonstrates in the physical as inflammation, muscle tension, tendon and ligament inflammation, an irritated nervous system and even hardening of the arteries, leading to high blood pressure.


The third etheric sludge is the electrical sludge which causes the sympathetic nervous system to stay on high alert. This is the flight or fight response mechanism, where panic attacks originate.


So what can we do about toxic levels of etheric sludge.  The key is to clear it out of the energy field and build up the body's ability to clear itself.


Chiropractic adjustments, especially to the upper cervical region, is ultimately important.  Balancing all the muscles through advanced kinesiological techniques affects all energy systems.  Acupuncture releases the toxic energies and redistributes the energy to be more balanced.   Exercise, particularly walking and high intensity resistive exercise also releases these toxic energies.  A consistent non toxic diet along with key supplements is necessary to prevent stress buildup. 


Infrasonic sound treatment, particularly into the solar plexus, penetrates into the emotional sludge and releases it.  Light photon treatment over the body clears toxic concentrations of energy which create disease.  The consistent use of essential oils are another profound way to keep the sludge from building up.  Even an essential oil diffuser for the house or room can reduce the build up in the personal environment.  Many patients purchase their own device to clear the etheric sludge in their home, work and the body.


The key here is to make it a practice to keep you and your family clear so that healing won't be impeded and to prevent a silent chronic disease from developing.


To do this you need a super health couch and no one does it better than Wagner Holistic Center.  All our practitioners work hard at being on the cutting edge of health enlightenment.


Dr. Edward D. Wagner DC
Wagner Holistic Center

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