Oz Park Shooting Incident
Ethics Reform
Short Term Rental Reform
Public Safety News
Dear Neighbors,

Last night around 7:30 p.m. there was a shooting near Lincoln Park High School.

According to police, the victim was a 17 year old. The victim, who suffered a graze wound, has thus far refused to cooperate. The police quickly arrested several individuals, recovered a gun, and charged one offender with unlawful use of a weapon.

Area Three detectives are investigating. If anyone you know has any cell phone video of the incident, please email it to [email protected]. We will be following this case in court advocacy.

We will keep you up to date as we receive further information.
Airbnb New Regulations Take Effect

For too long, communities in our ward and throughout Chicago have suffered from out of control "party houses." So we are pleased to announce that all aspects of the Short-Term Rental Reform Ordinance I spearheaded last year are now in effect. The office of Business and Consumer Affairs (BACP) has launched the new Shared Housing Registration Portal. The new system will give the City of Chicago much more oversight over short-term rentals.

Enhanced enforcement authority, including:
  • Extending the prohibition on one-night rentals (until BACP and Police promulgate Rules indicating the measures needed to allow the resumption of one-night reservations);
  • Broadened definitions to enhance the prohibition on parties being held in short-term rental units; and
  • Increased penalties and a quicker path to revocation of a registration for violations.

Increased local community control:
  • Residents can now petition to exclude short term rentals in their precinct in the 43rd Ward, which was not possible under the earlier law. If you are interested in starting such a petition, see this website for the rules and contact our office.

Better host data through the new Registration Portal:
  • Hosts, both new and renewal applicants, must apply directly to the City instead of using a platform for registrations
  • This allows BACP to verify host identify and primary residency at the point of intake, cutting down on fraud.

Improved ability to crack down on illegal / ineligible rentals:
  • Hosts are prohibited from advertising or renting a unit without a City-issued registration (no longer can an applicant list their unit while their application is pending or under appeal); and
  • Intermediaries such as Airbnb are prohibited from processing a rental transaction for a unit without a valid registration

Added City revenue:
  • $125 registration fee to be paid for by the host applicant to cover the costs of city administration.

WTTW reported the story.
Chicago Ethics Reforms Continue

Our City and State government has been rocked in the past two years by a series of indictments and convictions, often based on elected officials using their private jobs as lobbyists to obtain benefits and contracts for their private clients. As Chair of the City's Ethics and Government Oversight Committee, we passed a series of reforms aimed directly at these abuses, in particular, prohibiting any Chicago elected official from being an outside lobbyist and prohibiting any elected official from elsewhere from lobbying in Chicago.

Over the weekend, the General Assembly passed new ethics and lobbying reforms for the State of Illinois. I am gratified that the General Assembly heeded our urging that Chicago’s lobbying laws would not be superseded. In many critical respects, our laws are stricter than the new state law. For example:

  • All lobbying by elected officials from and to the City of Chicago is banned; there is only a partial ban in the State law
  • Our Inspector General has full power over City Council; the State still has not empowered its Inspector General to be able to investigate members of the General Assembly without its authorization.

Thank you to our Springfield colleagues who are embarking on the road to reform. It is often a long road, and more is needed.

For my full statement on the latest changes to State law, click here. WTTW covered the story.
43rd Ward Office Reopening for Parking Pass Appointments

You can visit here to sign up for an appointment to pick up residential parking passes at our office beginning June 7. Appointments will be in 15 minute increments from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday and 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tuesday through Friday. Appointments will make it easier to get passes as we continue our reopening protocols. Only one person at a time can be serviced in our office, and masks are required for entry.

The easiest way to obtain vehicle stickers or daily parking passes is to go online at EZBUY at the Chicago City Clerk's Office. You can order 24 hours a day.

You can learn how to order online by using our Guest Parking Passes 101 guide or
watch our video for step-by-step details on how to purchase your passes or stickers online.
Block Party Requests Begin June 6

On June 6, the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) Permit Office will resume accepting Block Party applications for events scheduled for July 5 or later. The department made the decision in close consultation with the Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) and based on guidance from the CDC.

CDPH is continuing to closely monitor health metrics and the decision is subject to reversal or revision if the metrics show it is no longer safe to permit block parties.

As in past years, the application process should begin with contacting our office. After the application is reviewed and approved by our office, we will enter the request into the online permitting system for approval and release by CDOT. Here is the application.

The city is implementing the following protocols to ensure the health and safety of the public:

  • Block party planners must notify neighbors and recommend vaccinations for all who attend. As before, applicants must provide evidence that most of the residents on the affected block(s) approve of the block party.

  • While there are no capacity limits, residents applying for a block party permit must volunteer as a COVID Captain to help communicate safety protocols.
  • The COVID Captain must sign a COVID-19 safety affirmation form with the permit application that attests they will recommend vaccinations for all who attend, tell unvaccinated individuals, including children not eligible for the vaccine, to wear masks and maintain social distancing, and ensure ready access to hand sanitizer throughout the block party.

  • No Jumping Jacks or Bouncy Houses will be permitted. 

We will update with any new details before June 6. Remember, if this is a first-time block party, you must submit a petition in support. See our website for details.
Moving? Have Your Mover Request No Parking Signs
If you are planning a move, and you intend to use a professional moving company, the company is responsible for requesting enforceable "no parking" signs by applying for an Occupy the Right of Way - Moving Van permit through the Chicago Department of Transportation's portal.
Once the permit is secured, City workers will come out and hang enforceable no parking signs prior to the move.
CDOT and Divvy and are Hiring

The Chicago Department of Transportation has open positions, including traffic engineer, civil engineer, and engineering technician. Visit the Chicago Careers website and search "Department of Transportation" in the drop down menu under "Organization” to read the job descriptions and apply. 
Divvy is also hiring! Divvy, Chicago's bikeshare system, has open positions that include bike mechanics, swapping batteries on e-bikes, an overnight driver, an operations associate, and more. To view listings and apply, visit here.
Police News
Summer Safety Plan
The Department has released their comprehensive, interdepartmental summer safety plan. It can be found on the new summer safety website, available here. 
CPD Foot Pursuit Policy
As announced last week, the Chicago Police Department’s interim foot pursuit policy becomes effective on June 11. 
After a community engagement effort seeking input regarding the policy, the Chicago Police Department anticipates publishing a revised foot pursuit policy in early September. The engagement process will provide everyone an opportunity to review the interim policy and provide feedback.
The community input process is currently open and will end on July 15. To participate and have your voice heard, visit here.  
CPD Safety Assessment of Your Property
Did you know the Chicago Police Department provides a block and\or building safety assessment?
They will visit the site and evaluate measures to keep you safe, prevent crime and evaluate property security cameras to determine if they are able to connect with the Chicago Police Strategic Decision Support Centers (SDSC). To schedule a safety assessment, contact my office at [email protected].
Nuisance Motorcycles
Please help ensure safe operation of motorcycles in the community by calling 911 when motorcycle groups cause disturbances. Chicago’s 911 call center needs to document the times and locations to help police know the main routes used by motorcycle riders.

Some owners have illegally modified motorcycles, and others have stunt bikes which create havoc and are dangerous to others (and themselves).

Calling 911 is critical for the work that needs to be done by the Chicago Police in tracking this activity.
Community News
Oscar Mayer School Spring Auction

Now through June 10 you can bid on one-of-a-kind items, including Disney World Tickets, Principal for a Day, great restaurants, and more. All proceeds from the auction support Mayer. So visit here and bid today.
Stay Safe at the Beach this Summer

Join the Chicago Park District for a free session to learn how to keep yourself and others safe at the beach, recognize a swimmer in distress, and respond in an emergency.

Training will be offered from Memorial Day Weekend through June 25. Orientations are offered throughout the city. Click here for information on locations and times.
Support Local Restaurants
Support Local Businesses
Stay safe!

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