Ethiopia Mission Trip Report
During the  2016 Mission Trip to Ethiopia , with the Grace of God and the support of 22 health care  medical professionals: 3,620 patients were examined and treated: 
  • Internal Medicine: Examined and treated 1200 patients
  • Pediatrics: Examined and treated 500 kids
  • Nephrology: Examined and treated 160 patients
  • Cardiology: Examined and treated 200 patients
  • Dermatology: Examined and treated 300 patients
  • Dentistry: Examined 300 patients and treated 160 patients with extractions or fillings
  • Ophthalmology: Examined 400 patients and treated 200 patients with prescription glasses
  • Physical Therapy: Examined and treated 200 patients
  • Pharmacy team dispensed ~ 5000 prescriptions

The Mission group had 37 people: 

22 were health professionals & 15 were for the spiritual service. 

The Spiritual team was able to serve 820 kids in:

  • 2 Different schools
  • 1 Church
  • Orphanages

The estimate of donated products and equipment’s: $15,000 

Share the blessing of this amazing opportunity to serve our sisters and brothers in  BOLIVIA  by your  financial support  for our next mission trip to Bolivia in July.

We appreciate your support throughout the past years
May The Lord reward you abundantly.  


CMANA Support Team