More than a cross. More than a symbol.

Ethiopian crosses are symbols of Christianity in Ethiopia and Eritrea; their elaborate, stylized design distinct from European Christian crosses. Ethiopian crosses are almost always made from latticework; the intertwined lattice represents eternal life. Like a fingerprint, no two crosses are identical; the artisans who make them exercising individual taste in their choice of shape and pattern. 

Crosses may be of the processional type with a socket at the base to be mounted on a staff (also a spectacular Christmas Tree topper) and carried in church ceremonies or hand-held blessing crosses used by priests in benedictions.

Ethiopia stands out among other Christian lands for the prominence of the cross in its people's lives and for the inexhaustible variety and intricacy of the patterns used to decorate cross-shaped objects of all kinds. Also, certain crosses are venerated as objects of miraculous provenance and properties, a status that in other Christian traditions is generally reserved for icons alone. 

Intricate Ethiopian crosses used in religious contexts have been discussed in scholarly literature from various perspectives, such as their formal or conceptual relationship to pre-Christian or early Christian culture, their connection to Byzantine models, cosmic symbolism, or their structural similarities to the cadence of liturgical music. 

While we feel their provenance alone makes for a spectacular addition to any Christmas setting, their timeless ethereal design (crosses date to the Late Stone Age - 50,000 BC) can be factored into any design style and aesthetic. 

A blend of iron, silver, and nickel, these date to the early 1900s.  We have multiple sizes ranging from 12" to over 20". Designs elements range from Christ, Angeles, and Saints to geometric patterns and shapes. We have both mounted (plexiglass stand) and unmounted options. Please follow this link for more information. 

Happy Holidays To All!