Etiometry Receives FDA 510(k) Clearance to Expand the Indications on our IDO2 Index
Etiometry has received FDA Clearance for our Inadequate Oxygen Delivery (IDO2) Index for monitoring ICU patients 12 years or younger. Originally cleared by the FDA in 2016 for tracking the clinical risk of inadequate oxygen delivery to neonatal patients, the new 510(k) clearance now allows hospitals to leverage the IDO2 Index for patients 12 years old or younger.

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Intelligent Monitoring of the Risk of Inadequate Oxygen Delivery Expands to Support Patients up to 12 Years Old

Read this new blog from Etiometry CTO Dimitar Baronov and learn how with our IDO2 algorithm embedded within the Etiometry platform, doctors and nurses can quickly assess the risk of inadequate oxygen delivery alongside traditional measures of the patient’s status in a manner that clearly visualizes the patient’s trajectory.

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According to Baronov, "The expansion of the indications for use for the IDO2 Index was cleared after extensive research, development, and validation we conducted on data from nearly 2,300 patients, which included more than 10,000 measurements of venous blood gasses This is exciting for several reasons..."

Risk Analytics Algorithms
Learn more about our Risk Analytics Algorithms and the first one that we've brought to market—our IDO2 Index.
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