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The Jobs Club
In March, I had the pleasure of  visiting the Jobs Club at Renaissance Unity Church in Warren, MI.  During my visit I shared dining etiquette tips for interviewing.  Luther Taylor does a wonderful job facilitating this group. I look forward to returning.

Job Club

Hair Salon Etiquette
Hair stylist
Spring is here, let the primping begin.  Visiting your hair stylist institutes a contract.  Good salon etiquette ensures a win-win for both parties.  
Make an Appointment
Today hair stylists prefer appointments.  Many now do on line booking. You make your appointment at your convenience. There are times when walk-ins are available. Speak to your stylist.
Be on Time
Few of us, expect our stylist to take us exactly at our appointment time. A fifteen minute wait is usually acceptable. When you are on time you allow your stylist to be on time for their next client. If you will be more than 10-15 minutes late, phone, your stylist. If you are expected to wait longer than twenty minutes your stylist should consult with you.
No Shows
If you must cancel an appointment, give your stylist as much notice as possible.  Not showing is disrespectful, if you have secured an appointment.  A no show affects their bottom line and disrupts their schedule.
No Visitors
Unless your friends, spouse or children are receiving services, they should not accompany you to the hair salon. Seating at the salon is often limited. More importantly, the salon is not the place for onlookers.
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The hair salon should be a place of restoration. Being patient helps.
Cell Phone
Yes, even in the hair salon your cell phone use should be restricted. It may also interfere with your services. Continuous talking on the cell phone is disrespectful to the other patrons.
15-20% is the amount you are expected to tip your stylist. If there is an assistant it is appropriate to tip them according to the service they provided, usually 3-5 dollars. Traditionally salon owners should not expect a tip for their services.
Sometimes the color or cut doesn't meet our expectations.  The time to voice your concern is before you leave the salon. If you are honest and open with your suggestions most professionals will work to rectify your concerns.
She Said What?
Hair stylists hear all manners of conversation. Oversharing is not recommended. This applies to stylist as well as clients. Remember familiarity breeds contempt.  Keep your relationship professional.
A professional stylist will let you know the cost of your services. If in doubt ask the cost before the stylist begins. Sticker shock can be avoided.
Eating during services is discouraged. This applies to stylists as well.
For many of us visiting the hair salon will be a life-long habit. Practicing the tenets of good etiquette: respect, consideration, kindness and service will ensure a restorative experience.

Tip of the Month 

When making a presentation, remove your name tag. It may be distracting.

Church Etiquette
We attend church to worship, fellowship, reflect and any number of other reasons.  The basic tenets of etiquette are: respect, consideration, kindness, and service.  Church is the place to practice all of these tenets.  Follow the guidelines below to ensure that everyone, regardless of their reason for being in church has a positive, uplifting experience.
Dress Appropriately
As a society, our manner of dress has become more relaxed.  No longer is Sunday Best necessary for church.  However, in church we should always dress appropriately.  Our clothing should be clean, unwrinkled and non-revealing.  Gentlemen should remove their hats.
Cell Phones
Texting and talking on your cell phone in church is unacceptable.  Always double check to be sure your ringer is off.

I wouldn't do that in church ... Youth Making a Difference video
I wouldn't do that in church ... Youth Making a Difference video
Be On Time

Being on time for church is just as important as for other occasions. No matter the length of service you should not be in the practice of being late and leaving early. When you are late, you disturb your fellow worshipers. If you are late consider sitting in the rear.  Marching up the aisle is disruptive. Timeliness is an important virtue to have.   
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If perchance a guest sits in your favorite seat, don't make them uncomfortable.  Smile and join them.

Chit Chat

Chatting during church services is the epitome of disrespect for the church, the minister and fellow worshippers.  Whispering is distracting and inconsiderate.  A quick word is always acceptable.  Having a conversation during service is not.


Only infants are allowed to eat in the sanctuary.  Beverages and food, should not be consumed in the sanctuary.


The church sanctuary is not the place to do personal grooming. This includes combing hair, adjusting clothing, clipping nails, changing diapers,or any other practice that should be done in private.  Please excuse yourself. 

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Churches spend a great deal of their resources on maintenance.  Everyone who attends should be conscious of not leaving candy wrappers, used tissue or other trash in the pew.   
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Introduce Thyself

Nowhere is it more important to introduce yourself than church. Church members know the strangers at the service. Go to them, smile, shake their hand and introduce yourself.
Our etiquette classes can help you improve your workplace etiquette, guide your children in learning good manners, and help you refresh your etiquette skills for formal events. We can also customize a program to your unique needs.


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