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March 24, 2018
8 Nisan, 5778
Upcoming Etz Chaim Events

THIS Sunday, March 25th
EC Youth - 
Matzo Ball Mitzvah Project

Shabbat Hagadol Derasha

Rabbi Klibanoff will deliver the annual Shabbat Hagadol Derasha after Davening Shabbat morning 
in the  main sanctuary.

The topic this year is:
"Make Your Seder Memorable and Meaningful"

Welcome New Members

Etz Chaim would like to welcome our newest members 
Elizabeth & Jason Plawner

Mazal Tov!

A Match Made at Etz Chaim!

Mazal Tov to our former Shaliach, Maor Tiri, on his engagement to Chani Moshel (sister of Lana Glatt) of Melbourne, Australia. 

Maor met Chani at Etz Chaim on Shavuot of 2015 when he was one of our late-night speakers and she was filling in for Tot Shabbat.

Kiddush Sponsor

Kiddush this week is sponsored by the 
Etz Chaim Community

Rabbi's Message
Parshat Tzav

This Shabbat is known as Shabbat Hagadol.  There is no additional Torah reading, but there is a special Haftorah.

The name "Hagadol" which means "The Big One" refers to the days preceding the Exodus when our ancestors were readying themselves to bring the Korban Pesach and finally be freed from slavery.

The way the calendar falls this year, we have almost a full week from Shabbat Hagadol until the first Seder.  I think it behooves us to take a cue from the Chumash and prepare like Bnai Yisrael did.  

Yes, we have the cleaning and the cooking and all the details to worry about.  I would highly encourage every single person, young and old, to dedicate time this coming week toward preparing for the Seder in a meaningful fashion.  Pick up a Hagaddah and prepare an insight that you can share at your Seder.  Come up with a good question or topic for discussion. Make sure every person at the table has something to say.   You will not regret it!  

Shabbat Shalom  
Pesach 5778 Chametz Sale & Schedule

*Please fill out & return to 
Rabbi Klibanoff

Scholar-in-Residence Shabbaton
April 13 & 14

          Community News & Events

Pesach Car Wash
Yom Hazikaron Program & 
Yom Ha'atzmaut Chagiga
Wednesday, April 18th
Israel at 70
Community-Wide Celebration
Thursday, April 19th
NORPAC Mission to Washington
Wednesday, April 25th

Norpac Flyer

Mission to Washington
Wednesday, April 25, 2018

NORPAC's Mission to Washington is an annual event where we bring close to a thousand citizen activists to Washington, DC, in order to advocate for a stronger U.S.-Israel relationship with Members of Congress. 

Mission attendees are bused (or can use their own transportation) to Washington in the morning, and arrive at the Warner Theatre where they attend a brief plenary session with presentations by Congressional leadership. Afterwards, individuals converge to their assigned groups - usually of 4 to 6 people - and meet with Members of Congress and their staff to discuss this year's talking points regarding pressing legislation on U.S.-Israeli concerns. 

The event wraps up the same day in the early evening, and transportation is provided to get back home.


Contact Eliane Levy at 973-422-1705 
for more information.  

Davening Schedule
Parshat Tzav
Shabbat Hagadol


 Candle Lighting 


Shabbat Day



*Rabbi Klibanoff will deliver the Shabbat Hagadol Derasha after Davening on Shabbat morning*

Sephardic Minyan

Teen Minyan

Z'man Kriat Shema


     Shabbat Ends               7:54pm

     March 25-30



Mon - Thurs



Rabbi's Classes
Tuesday Mornings:

Women's Class

History & Meaning
of Prayer
10:30 am
When was the siddur  compiled? 
Who chose what  to include? 
Why were certain prayers chosen and w hat do they mean?  
Join us to answer these questions and more.

Tuesday Evenings:
New Class!

"Arvei Pesachim"
after Davening

Yiddish Class

*Now on 

MONDAY Evenings*

Please join us for our class in Yiddish, led  by our very own Morris Glicklich. 

Class will be held on Monday evenings
after Minyan.
If you have any questions or if you want to find out more, please speak with Morris or
Michael Mamet.
All are welcome!
 א גרויסן דאנק
Cholim List
Prayer for the Ill

To add or remove a name from the cholim list, 
please contact 
Shelley Paradis at

Etz Chaim Youth


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