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November 17, 2018
9 Kislev, 5779
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THIS Shabbat morning after the conclusion of Mussaf services:
Guest Speaker Eli Beer from 
United Hatzalah in Israel
Topic: Israel Innovations: A Light Unto the Nations
Rabbi's Message
Yaakov is on the lam as he flees from his vengeful brother Esav.  He stops for the night, arranges himself a camp area and he goes to sleep.  It is there we learn of Yaakov's lofty dream about angels ascending and descending a ladder to and from Shamayim.
My question is this: What do you normally dream about?  There are a few dreamers in Bereishit and we learn from them all.  
Yaakov dreamt of heavenly matters that would affect the trajectory of his whole life.  Yoseif dreamt of both heavenly and earthly matters.  
To be a successful Jew, one must be a dreamer.  The key is to dream of the right things.

Shabbat Shalom
Kiddush Sponsor
Kiddush is sponsored by the Etz Chaim riders David Anfang, Paul Glick and Michael Mamet in honor of the children of ALYN Hospital and all their very generous Etz Chaim sponsors.
Guest Speaker:  Eli Beer 
United Hatzalah in Israel
Eli Beer was born in Israel, where he witnessed his first terror attack at the age of seven. This traumatic experience, coupled with his desire to help save people, encouraged him to become a volunteer medic. Beer has been involved in emergency medical first response in Israel since 1988. With 25 years of life-saving experience, he has responded to some of the worst civil, wartime and terror-related incidents. He currently serves as Founder and President of United Hatzalah; featured speaker at TEDMED and AIPAC; lecturer to health organizations worldwide on the importance of receiving medical care within the first few minutes of an incident through a network of volunteers; has expertise in creating cohesive and integrated responses to mass casualty incidents as well as terrorist attacks; is a pioneer in the field of GPS-based technology for medical response; recipient of awards, including the 2010 Social Entrepreneur for Israel received by the Schwab Foundation, the 2011 Presidential Award for Volunteerism in Israel received by President Shimon Peres, and the 2012  Young Global Leader award. Married with 5 children and when not saving lives or guiding United Hatzalah, he manages the family real estate company, Beer Realty.
THIS Shabbat, following Jr. Congregation:

Congratulations to our own Yoni Glatt on the publication of his book "Kosher Crosswords" (Behrman House). 

You can get it on Amazon here, or at select Barnes & Nobles and Jewish book stores. Makes an excellent Chanukah gift!

Community News & Events
The ATID Society at JKHA/RKYHS Presents 
Rami Kleinstein
Sunday, December 2nd, 7:30PM
Camp Ramah in the Berkshires 
Annual Gala
Honoring Mindy and Alan Schall
Sunday, December 9th, 5:00PM

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Women's Class

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10:30 am
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Join us to answer these questions and more.

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