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December 15, 2018
7 Tevet, 5779
 Upcoming Etz Chaim &
Community Events

Sunday, December 16th
Support NCSY & JSU: Boutique Israeli Wine and Cheese Evening

Wednesday, December 19th
Throughout the Lifespan: Insight and Perspectives on Intimacy (For Women)

Shabbat Limmud, January 12th 
"From Light to Darkness to Light" 
 A Conversation With the Aaron Family

Shabbat (Fri), February 1st
Youth: Krazy Cupcake Kabbalat Shabbat!

Tuesday, February 5th
Sisterhood Book Club
Rabbi's Message
I have to admit that this is my favorite Parsha.  I could tell you it is because of the denouement of the story of Joseph and his brothers.  Everyone lives "Happily ever after" and we can all rest easily.  The truth is that this is my favorite because it is my Bar Mitzvah Parsha.

I will also admit, that when I  lained this for the first time at the age of thirteen, I did not fully appreciate what was really happening in the Parsha itself, as I was so focused on getting the words and notes right.  That appreciation came over time with maturity and some wisdom.  

One thing does strike me every year.  When I have the opportunity to read even a small portion of this Parsha, I feel like I have been transported back in time to my thirteen year old self.  I am overcome with nostalgia and a sense of retrospection that is so tangible.  I realize that this is just one of a series of gifts I was given as a youngster to be able to learn how to l ain and lead  Davening.  It stays with you forever.

Shabbat Shalom
Youth Happenings
for this week's Youth Happenings to learn about events for youth and their families!

Upcoming Youth Events

Shabbat (Sat), December 29th, 12:00pm
  College Kids- Welcome Home Lunch at the Youth House

Shabbat (Sat), January 12th, 10:15am
Kids Shabbat Service in the Beit Midrash (Grades 2-6)

Shabbat (Fri), February 1st, 4:55pm
Krazy Cupcake Kabbalat Shabbat (see the Youth Happenings for more details)

Tuesdays 5:45pm-Dec 18, Jan 8, 15, 29, Feb 5
JTEEN University - Rock N' Roll & Judaism
 (Grades 8-12)
Kiddush Sponsor
Kiddush this week is sponsored by 
Deborah and Wayne Zuckerman
 in memory of Abraham Zuckerman's Z"L
5th Yahrtzeit. 
Mazal Tov
Mazal Tov to the Wise Family on Lilly's 
Bat Mitzvah 
Shabbat Limmud
January 12th
"From Light to Darkness to Light"

Please join us for a very special and inspiring conversation with our very own Karen, Cliff and Feivel (Ford) Aaron.

The Aaron family will share with us their journey over the last several years after Cliff's diagnosis of Retinitis Pigmentosa and his subsequent vision loss.

You do not want to miss this talk! 
Sisterhood Book Club
Tuesday, February 5th
The Tattooist of Auschwitz
by Heather Morris.

If you have the time and inclination, we recommend reading the essay by Viktor Frankl,  "Experiences in a Concentration Camp" found in his book titled Man's Search for Meaning. 

The Book Club will be held at the home of 
Debbie Zuckerman
Missing Coat
If anyone accidentally took a dark blue Ralph Lauren men's raincoat after Monday's bris (and left their Calvin Klein dark blue raincoat), please contact the shul office. 
Community News & Events
Support NCSY: Boutique Israeli Wine and Cheese Evening
Sunday, December 16th, 7:00PM

Throughout the Lifespan: Insight and Perspectives on Intimacy (For Women)
Wednesday, December 19th, 8:15PM

Davening Schedule


Candle Lighting


Shabbat Day



Teen Minyan

Z'man Kriat Shema


Shabbat Ends


Dec. 9-14



Tuesday - Fast of Asarah B'Tevet

Fast Begins - 6:04am
Shacharit - 6:30am
Mincha/Ma'ariv - 4:05pm
Fast Ends - 5:17pm
(No 6:45pm Ma'ariv)



*Ma'ariv Only - 6:45pm

*We have moved to our winter schedule. We will have Ma'ariv only on Mon-Thurs evenings at 6:45pm 

Mincha/Ma'ariv services are held at Suburban Torah at 4:15pm

Rabbi's Classes
Tuesday Mornings:

Women's Class

History & Meaning
of Prayer
10:30 am
When was the siddur  compiled? 
Who chose what  to include? 
Why were certain prayers chosen and w hat do they mean?  
Join us to answer these questions and more.

Tuesday Evenings:
New Class!

"Arvei Pesachim"
after Davening

Yiddish Class

*Now on 

MONDAY Evenings*

Please join us for our class in Yiddish, led  by our very own Morris Glicklich. 

Class will be held on Monday evenings
after Minyan.
If you have any questions or if you want to find out more, please speak with Morris or
Michael Mamet.
All are welcome!
 א גרויסן דאנק
Cholim List
Prayer for the Ill

To add or remove a name from the cholim list, 
please contact 
Shelley Paradis at

Zumba at Etz Chaim
We are pleased to announce that there are Zumba classes being held at Etz Chaim.

For more info, please visit 

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