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E. Samuel Klibanoff, Rabbi
July 6, 2019 | 3 Tamuz 5779
Parshat Korach
8:14 pm | Candle Lighting
7:00 pm | Mincha
* Friday night davening will be at 7:00pm throughout the Summer.

Shabbat Day
8:30 am | Shiur
9:00 am | Shacharit
9:17 am | Z'man Kriat Shema
8:10 pm | Mincha
9:21 pm | Shabbat Ends
Weekday Services
July 7 - 12
8:30 am | Sun
6:45 am | Mon - Fri

6:40 pm | Sun - Thurs

* Please note that we are on our summer "Plag Hamincha" schedule for evening Minyan. Please help all the Minyanim *
A Short Summer Vort
People love a good fight. I guess it is human nature. Sometimes people get caught up in controversies and disputes that they have no real stake in. This is ruinous and sometimes irreversible. Korach managed to manipulate others in to fighting for a "Cause" that was ultimately unjust. The fallout is well documented in our Parsha.

Sometimes it is best to just mind one's own business, for surely we have plenty to worry about without getting involved in things that are certainly none of our constructive business.

Shabbat Shalom
Mazal Tov to Marian and Rob Stern on the engagement
of their son Zach to Dani Wolberger.
Mazal Tov to Ekaterina and Dr. David Yakobashvili on the birth of their granddaughter Vivienne Avigail. Mazal Tov to the proud new parents Jessica and Roman Povolotskiy.
Kiddush this Shabbat is being sponsored
by the Etz Chaim community.
Simchat Torah Kol Ha'nearim Tallit
For the third year, Etz Chaim will be adding names to our beautifully designed Kol Hane'arim Tallit on which you will have an opportunity to have your child(ren)'s and grandchild(ren)'s name embroidered.

For $36 per name - this can include first, middle and last names - your child's name will be embroidered on this Tallit which will become a permanent feature of our Simchat Torah celebration. 
The names are embroidered in Hebrew. If you need help with spelling, please contact Shelley Paradis at or Rabbi Klibanoff at

You can fill out the form on the shul's website /kol-hanearim by July 15.
This is a firm deadline as we plan to use the Tallit this year and the stitching takes time. 

For further information, please contact
Sima Schall at , 732-245-7634
Sisterhood Book Club
Thursday | September 19
by Dani Shapiro
Parshat Hashavua (Women)
Tuesday | 10:30 am

Talmud Shiur - Arvei Pesachim
Tuesday Evening | After Davening

Yiddish Class
Monday Evening | After Davening
Zumba at Etz Chaim
Monday | Wednesday | Thursday

Updating Cholim List
To add or remove a name from the list, please contact SHELLY PARADIS.
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