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E. Samuel Klibanoff, Rabbi
July 27, 2019 | 24 Tamuz 5779
Parshat Pinchas
Shabbat Mevarchim
8:01 pm | Candle Lighting
7:00 pm | Mincha
* Friday night davening will be at 7:00pm throughout the Summer.

Shabbat Day
9:00 am | Shacharit - Dvar Torah by Rabbi David Bendory
9:26 am | Z'man Kriat Shema
7:55 pm | Mincha- Dvar Torah by Rabbi Yisroel Rosenblum
9:05 pm | Shabbat Ends
*No 8:30 am shiur this Shabbat
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* Please note that we are on our summer "Plag Hamincha" schedule for evening Minyan. Please help all the Minyanim *
A Short Summer Vort
Our Parsha begins where we left off last week. Pinchas takes matters into his own hands and puts an end to the public display of debauchery. He is rewarded with “Brit Kehunat Olam” which means in essence that he got the lifetime contract for his family to be Kohanim. 

Interestingly enough, though he was the only one who acted while everyone else froze (including Moshe and Yehoshua), we are told that it is Yehoshua who will succeed Moshe and assume the helm of leadership. Not Pinchas. 

Who would you have chosen if it were up to you?
Mazal Tov to Maggie and Cliff Newman on the birth of a grandson.
Mazal Tov to the proud parents Michelle and Jonathan Newman.
Mazal Tov to Dr. Marion and Michael Saffer on the engagement of their son Matthew to Jacqueline Newman. Mazal Tov to brothers Steven and Noah. Mazal Tov to Jacqueline's parents Chuck and Diane Newman of Basking Ridge, NJ.
Kiddush this Shabbat is being sponsored by the Etz Chaim community.
Sisterhood Book Club
Thursday | September 19
by Dani Shapiro
Parshat Hashavua (Women)
Tuesday | 10:30 am (Canceled this week)

Talmud Shiur - Arvei Pesachim
Tuesday Evening | After Davening

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Monday Evening | After Davening
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