F riday, Aug 9
7:46 pm | Candle Lighting
7:00 pm | Mincha
Shabbat Chazon | Aug 10
8:30 am | Parsha Shiur
9:00 am | Shacharit
9:32 am | Sof Z'man Kriat Shema
Kiddush following Services
7:45 pm | Mincha

Following Mincha | Rabbi Klibanoff will deliver a Pre-Tisha B'Av Shiur 
**There will be no Seudat Shlishit in Shul  this week**
8:02 pm | Last time to eat before the fast
8:47 pm | Shabbat Ends
9:00 pm | Maariv followed by Eicha
  Sunday, Aug 11 | Tisha B'Av Observed
9:00 am | Shacharit followed by Explanatory Kinnot
1:02 pm | Chatzot
7:35 pm | Mincha (with Talit & Tefillin)
8:46 pm | Fast Ends

Usually on Erev Tisha B'Av, there is a final meal before the fast that is called the Seudah Ha-Mafseket.  At this meal one may not eat more than one cooked food (usually a hard-boiled egg). 
When Tisha B'Av falls out on Shabbat (as is the case this year) or Sunday, the final meal is the Seudah Shelishit.  Since Tisha B'Av falls out this year on Shabbat, Aug 10th, none of the usual restrictions applies.  One may even eat meat and drink wine at the Seudah Shelishit, BUT one must stop eating before sunset.  This year the time of sunset on Shabbat is at 8:02 pm, at which time one must stop eating.
We do not, however, remove our shoes until after Shabbat.  This week Shabbat ends at 8:47 pm. At the close of Shabbat, one should recite the following: Baruch hamavdil bein kodesh le-chol, then remove one's shoes and put on sneakers or any other footwear that contains no leather.  It is advisable to bring your Tisha B'av non-leather footwear to Shul before Shabbat so that you will be able to change accordingly after Shabbat.
We will be davening Maariv on Motzaei Shabbat at shul at 9:00 pm so that we can first change our shoes after Shabbat and then travel to shul with our families.  This year on Saturday night (Motzaei Shabbat), the customary Havdalah is NOT recited.  We will say only the blessing Borei meorei ha-esh, in shul after Maariv.  The Havdalah on the cup of wine is postponed this year until Sunday night after the fast. On Sunday night, only the blessing on the wine and the blessing of Hamavdil are recited.
May we all merit to see the rebuilding of the 
Beit Hamikdash speedily in our time.