Volume III, No. 10 | Abortion and Euthanasia | August 18th 2021 (10 Elul 5781)
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Britain's Death Cult:
Why Won't They Let Alta Fixsler Leave?
Greetings and Shalom!

Murder by euthanasia is on the rise in the United Kingdom.   As I write this, a little girl’s life is hanging by a thread.   The latest child to become a
victim of the British court injustice system is Alta Fixsler, a 2-year old severely disabled Jewish toddler who is on life support.  By the time you read this, her life support may have been removed.

Alta was condemned to death by Justice Alistair MacDonald and her parents appeals were denied.   Alta’s parents, Abraham and Chaya Fixsler, are Chassidic Jews.   The word “abortion” is a euphemism for infanticide. The word "euthanasia" is a euphemism for the intentional murder of disabled people.  It is a sin and is a violation of Halachic Jewish law to remove this toddler's life support.   
Abraham and Chaya Fixsler are citizens of both Israel and the United States.   Both countries have medical teams and hospitals that are willing to take Alta so that she can continue to receive the sustained medical treatment she needs. It is possible that she can get more advanced treatment than what they are capable of providing in Great Britain.

Alta’s parents have been pleading for her transport.   But the British Courts will not let her leave.   They claim it is "not in her best interests" to be transported because she is in pain and that there is "no medical benefit" to keep her alive.

This is a value judgment being made by judges and courts, overriding the wishes of the parents.

In the UK, the trend toward child murder by euthanasia has been going on for years.

Please pray for Alta Fixsler and her family. Thank you.

For life,
Bonnie Chernin
JLL Founder
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Condemned to Death in the UK
Bioethicists propose implant that would automatically trigger a euthanasia drug at the onset of dementia.

From Right to Life UK: "A recent article published by leading bioethics journal “The Hastings Center Report”, has proposed an implant that would automatically trigger a lethal drug at the onset of dementia."
Essential Pro-Life Reading
Carole Novielli's research published in her article on LiveAction.org shows that babies killed in late term abortions happen near birth, and most people don't know about this horror:

Good news from Texas! The City of Brownsboro is now a Sanctuary City for the Unborn! Doing G-d's work and saving babies in Texas! The new ordinance bans abortion within the city limits, saving babies' lives:

Irrational Thinking Department
Women Do Regret Abortion
This is tragic and heartbreaking. A TikTok video of a young woman expressing regret over her abortion went viral. The video had 1.2 million views. There were 11,000 comments from women expressing their grief over a previous abortion. We must provide support for pregnant girls and women to have their children, so they don't end up with a lifetime of post-abortion trauma.

Pro-abortion policies not only kill babies up to birth, but can lead to a lifetime of regret for the women who are making abortion decisions, but are not informed.
Kentucky: The Ultrasound Informed Consent Act enables women to see images of their unborn children before making an abortion decision. The ACLU sued to stop the law. Why? The law does not require any woman to view the ultrasound, only that the procedure be done and the details explained to her!

In the YouTube video, CBS News Reporter and radical pro-abort Kate Smith seems more concerned with the abortionists free speech rights than she does with the pregnant woman's right to informed choice:
When women see the humanity of their unborn children on ultrasound images, they usually choose life. Apparently, radical pro-aborts like Kate Smith and organizations like the ACLU do not want women to make that choice. This is why so many women end up regretting their abortions. The Supreme Court denied cert and declined to hear the challenge. Good.
Indiana: Judge Sarah Evans Barker strikes down numerous important pro-life laws in the state. Many of these laws were enacted to protect women's health, safety and well being, as reported by Bridget Sielicki at LiveAction.org:
Rabbis Speak Out For Life!
Rabbi Hecht Slams Abortion Rights In New York
We must revalue life and give women life-affirming options to keep their babies. We have a number of important pregnancy resource centers listed below that provide compassionate assistance to pregnant women in need.

Abortion regret is a common occurrence in post-abortive women and men. The mainstream media is pro-abortion and ignores the fact that many women and men suffer long term grief, wishing they can undo the choice they made.

Tikvat Rachel is a unique program developed specifically for Jewish women and men suffering with feelings of pain and loss from a previous abortion. We offer an ongoing teshuvah-based program that provides a safe, compassionate and confidential healing pathway so you can recover from the pain of a past abortion experience.

Our next series of Zoom meetings is planned for October. The meeting will be ongoing, every week. Contact Barbara at 347-566-7898 for more information.
Pregnancy Resource Centers Remain Open

In the midst of the COVID-19 national crisis, there are pregnancy centers that remain open. If you are pregnant and need help or know someone who is considering abortion, there are life-affirming options available. Please visit the following organization links:
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