August 6, 2021
The continued spread of COVID variants has public health officials and government leaders re-thinking their local approaches. This week Governor Hogan announced new requirements for many State employees, and three of Maryland’s largest jurisdictions renewed their local indoor masking requirements to combat the virus’s effects. The Governor did not impose new statewide requirements on residents or private businesses, but did aggressively urge residents to get the vaccine – citing continued vaccination as the strongest tool against the continued spread of the virus.
Conduit Street Podcast Corner:
MACo’s Summer Conference will feature a live recording of the Conduit Street Podcast, featuring Tanium — the endpoint management and security provider built for the world’s most demanding IT environments.

The rapid shift to telework and growing reliance on digital platforms present new challenges for government IT systems. Cybercriminals are aggressively targeting state and local governments with sophisticated cyberattacks that jeopardize sensitive information, critical infrastructure, public safety, and the delivery of essential services.

At the 2021 MACo Summer Conference, Tanium CIO for SLED (State, Local, Education), Chris Cruz, will join a live recording of the Conduit Street Podcast for a fast-paced, Q&A-style discussion on current threat trends, best practices to maintain proper cyber hygiene for a remote workforce, and new resources for counties to Identify potential threats, contain breaches, and remediate risk within seconds or minutes — not days or weeks.
Counties In Action
Baltimore City Mayor Scott Joined by Local Leaders at National Night Out
Carroll County Commissioners Rothstein, Weaver, Wantz, and Frazier attend the 4-H Fair
Prince George's County Executive Alsobrooks at National Night Out
Corporate Partner Corner

Skyline Technology Solutions, a Summer Conference sponsor, has joined MACo’s Corporate Partner Program as a Platinum Partner!

Skyline Technology Solutions is a full-service IT integrator, enterprise solution provider, and product developer to state and local government, education, transportation, public safety, and commercial spaces. Headquartered in Maryland, Skyline is passionately committed to unlocking value for clients by building trusting relationships that translate to delivering solutions with outstanding customer service. Skyline’s specializations in managed IT solutions, public safety data, video interoperability, and physical security and access control services are currently employed in 18 states across the U.S.

Contact David Parsha, Vice President of Sales, to learn how Skyline can assist your county.
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