Are Your Payer Contracts the Reason for Declining Revenues?
Our roots in payer contracting run deep, making CodeToolz one of the most effective payer contracting and reimbursement firms in the country.

We often find that the reason behind declining revenues doesn’t have to be discovered – it’s right there in plain sight in your payer contracts.

Evaluating Your Payer Contracts is Essential

Payer contracts represent a significant amount of physician revenue and should be evaluated with scrutiny. Physicians who fail to gain a clear understanding of their payer contracts risk presenting a financial blow to their medical practice. Having a process in place to regularly review all the contracts in your organization’s portfolio is a must.

The Importance of an Accurate Payer Matrix (Dashboard)

Too often we discover physician practices that not only don’t have ready access to their payers’ contracts but also do not have a payer matrix. A payer matrix essentially lists key data for each payer, including contact information, reimbursement terms and key provisions in the contract. View CodeToolz Payer Matrix

Let the experts at CodeToolz take your contracting efforts from burden to competitive advantage.
We are continually honing our strategic and technical skills to successfully usher clients through reimbursement strategies and price negotiations.

The primary mission of CodeToolz is to help medical providers increase their revenue. It’s as simple as that.
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